Monday, February 21, 2011

iPhone wallpaper

iPhone! I haz one. Took a while, but I haz one.

Anyway, I tried making some iPhone 4 wallpapers today. Just cropped some images to the correct size. I am going to have fun doing more involved ones in the future, I am sure! 
Want to download? Here!

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  1. Awesome! I no haz an iPhone..., but I was able to still add your awesome artwork to my phone! I thank ye!

  2. All phones are welcome to haz my wallpapers! Thanks for letting me know they worked for you Christine. :-)

  3. Hi!! I know your blog today, its very creative. I like so much....
    I go on around here a litle bit more ;D
    Kisses from Madrid

  4. it didnt work on my galaxy :c
    its just a giant zoom in