About blacklilypie

Hi! I'm Tara, or blacklilypie I suppose...

This blog has been around for a long time (I think since 2006??),  I used to do a lot of posts about my work, but as blogging because more out of style, I quit.
Funny thing is...people still come here all the time. I get lots of hits even after years of inactivity? Hmm, maybe its worth starting up again in 2020?

The real About starts here:

Blacklilypie has been my online username for ages. Like a billion years. Like since I was in highschool. In the 90's.

I went to art school in Toronto, and started selling art and creations online sometime in 2006. Been makin' and sellin' ever since.

I live in Ottawa, Canada now. I spend my days painting, sewing, making things and designing other things. I run multiple online shops, which all have slightly different styles and moods to them.
Check out at all the places to find me here:

Link to blacklilypie Etsy Shop. This is my main shop where I list most of my plush dolls, art and other creations.


Trixie and Tilda Etsy Shop
This is another of my Etsy shops. Cute and vibrant plush cat dolls for kids and cat lovers.

Instagram : blacklilypie

Spoonflower Fabric Shop
My designs available on a range of fabrics for you to order and make your own projects with. They also have wallpaper and gift wrap.

My Redbubble Shop
You will find stickers, mugs, t-shirts, home decor, device cases, and art prints with my work.

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