Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Batcat Colouring Book Free Download

This is a little colouring book I made in 2008. Yes way back in 2008, kids.

Each image is an ink drawing on paper that I scanned, then brought down to my local copy shop and photocopied. I then brought them home and hand assembled them into little zines. They had a glossy postcard cover, I think I still have about 100 covers in storage.

It is a very simple little story of a day with Batcat around his house, hanging out with his little mouse friend. I made it mostly for children, this was before adult colouring came back into fashion!

This one is numbered. I don't know if i always did that. I always signed and drew a little batcat though!

In total there are 10 half page illustrations. I recently got the idea from a friend on instagram that it might be a nice time to have activities or colouring things for kids to work on during the self isolation phase of the pandemic. A great idea! These things already exist and why not! I started a Gumroad account and uploaded them.

So you can get them for FREE on Gumroad. This site also has a feature where you can choose an amount to pay to the artist if you feel like it on items like this, so thank you if you choose to add a small amount.

The pages print out on 5 full sheets of paper. I included the colour cover too, so if choose you can make yourself a little book/zine like I used to do. Its family friendly, safe for all ages. Have fun!

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