About blacklilypie

The About Page.

Hello, this is Tara.

Blacklilypie has been my online username for ages. Like a billion years. Like since I was in highschool.

I blogged here and there for years, and then here at blogger for quite some time. Then I quit for a while, then I was back for awhile, then quit...you seeing a pattern? ;-)

Being a creative type can start to feel like a cruddy job if you have to do it nonstop. These blogging breaks usually happen when I get tired of doing the same old thing.

But I think I will give it a try again. Hello!

The real About starts here:

I went to school in Toronto, studying illustration at OCAD, and started selling art and creations online sometime in 2006. Been makin' and sellin' ever since.

I live in Ottawa, Canada now. I spend my days painting, sewing, making things and designing other things. I run multiple online shops, which all have slightly different styles and moods to them.

If you are interested in contacting me, feel free to email

Check out at all the places to find me here: