Monday, March 30, 2009

cat-ish things...

I put two stationery sets in my shop today. I have been doing some gloomy or dark stuff lately, so I bet some people will be happy to see something fluffier for a change.

batcat zoom stationery

This batcat stationery is a modern makeover of one I designed in university. Batcat has gotten a 2009 update, but everything else is pretty much the same. I packaged them nice and small to make them easier to ship. (Easier means cheaper too!)

batcat zoom stationery

Not really all that proud of my photography on these babies, but what else is new. I guess I shouldn't publicly point out that they are photographed poorly. Forget I said anything. The overcast days make my photos so dreary. Which is fine when they are supposed to be dreary!

So now I am working on something new. Look at this bad boy!

Work in progress screenshot

Heee heee! My favorite part is the chewed ears! I might have to make that more of a feature.

This is just the first rough part of blocking in the shapes. He will have his fur and features tweaked soon enough...He is an Illustrator drawing, and I will show you the rest of him when the project comes together... P.S. Think I have enough icons in my dock??? Haha.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Despite lots of goofing off this week, lunching and shopping and kitten visiting, I am making progress on my stationery sets...

Here is a peek of what I am packaging right now.

note set sneak peek

Pink and purple...Will probably be ready by Monday, because I have more goofing off to do since its the weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nocturnal Notes Stationery Set

A new stationery set is complete!

nocturnal note set 2

YES, its the same image that you have seen one billion times before in my shop. Haha. This is actually my test stationery. To see if I could print something balancing quality and cost. I think it came out quite cute!

I would love to just send them out to the printers like some other stationery sellers do, but you have to do such large volumes...If I did work that was a teeny tiny bit more salable to a wider audience, I would be all over that. I hope gravestones come into fashion.

The set has 6 printed papers, three blank, three lined. And then I added some little stickers!
nocturnal note set
The stickers were initially added for addressing the envelopes, but then I added some useless ones just for a fun extra.

I am thinking of getting purple or even gray or black envelopes to try out with this set. I think half of the reason I am doing stationery is so I can buy envelopes. (YAY!!) I wonder if I should design the stationery first, or buy the envelopes first?

I have another stationery set (a batcat one!) that is still in the development stage, but its almost there. I am just fussing with the printing and colours.

Off to draw something new to show you. I promise not to recycle any old artwork. hee hee.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Its so sunny and bright outside and little squirrels and birdies are squeaking to each other outside my window. So cheery!

So of course the item I made is the complete opposite. Bloooood! Ok, its only a teeny, tiny drip of blood. Hardly even visible unless you look.
blood drip bookmark

This bookmark is possibly the MOST annoying item I have ever produced for my shop.

I fought tooth and nail to make these. My laminator ate some, and the rest were plagued with fuzzies and lumps and bumps. I have a HUGE stack of them that are unsellable. Depending on how long my memories of the rage that I felt trying to make these things, they might not ever be made again.
The junk.The success.
After these photos were taken I tried to make more and failed miserably again! The failure pile is a mile high! Plus I look like a dork.

I will definitely use the bookmark image for something else though. I have plans for it.

Its a productive day, with grocery shopping, photographing new items, laser printing (new printer!) and buying Nine Inch Nails tickets for June. I am working on stationary sets this afternoon, so hopefully they will be available some time this week. Should probably keep moving before my Monday-steam runs out....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good intentions don't always make for good outcomes.

Sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to.

Every project I started for the last little while has turned to crap at some point. I spent a lot of time trying to make myself like them by repainting, tweaking, cutting up and gluing back together...But at this point, I think its best to just let them go in peace.

So all my papier mache stuff is junked, my paintings trashed, and my experiments won't see the light of day. Oh well.

Its kind of a weird, messy time right now for a lot of people I know and interact with. And yeah that includes me. Being an person with an extremely low-drama life I find even a bit of conflict strange and tiring. I am just so used to nothing happening! Sorry if this seems like typical cryptic internet crap, but I do have a life outside of making bats in hats. ;-P

So today I am starting new projects. I am going to try to be more selfish and make things I don't want to sell. :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Batcat Birthday.

I made a card.

batcat birthday card 1

Batcat birthday card! I used to have another Batcat design in my shop but it wasn't vibrant enough for me. So this is the re-do. I wanted to do a card that also had a an interior image too...

batcat birthday card 2

I added a little space to write your b-day message inside.

I think its a bit funny that I did a birthday card, since I don't even really like birthdays. I totally get kids birthdays, and the big ones like 30 or 40 or 100. But I could cut the rest and be fine with it. Sometimes I think being one of the people who doesn't particularly like birthdays sets off peoples "lets buy a cake!" alarms. SIGH.

For years now I have been trying to care about other people's birthdays, because I know everyone isn't like me but I really suck at it. Sorry everyone! There is always next year for me to do better. :-) When you are 100 I will get a skywriter or something insane to make up for it.

I have made one more card, but it might have to wait until tomorrow.