Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This may be one of the cutest things I have ever made. I just think it came out really well.
fox march2010 1

Lil Fox!

Photographing him was difficult, I couldn't get really get the angles I wanted. On inspection I should have faced my photo studio differently so the light was on the opposite side... He turns to the side a bit, with one arm a bit higher than the other. It gives him a natural "good side."

fox march2010 3

He is stereotypically cute, with his little beady black glass eyes. He is remarkably not quirky, he looks like a real little stuffed animal. I think making the legs grey wool was a good idea. I mean, I think the cutest part of a fox are his black legs! The backs of his ears are also grey.

He is for sale at

I am going to give my hands a rest after sewing for a few days. They always get pretty beat up from wool, which my skin finds irritating. I think once they heal up a bit, I will use this fox pattern for other animals. Maybe after Easter.

Off to eat a cadbury creme egg now. :-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few new things

I have listed a few new items today!

church lady cat 2

I struggled with deciding which of my Etsy shops she should be listed in. She is definitely sugary sweet and an animal (blackforestcake?) but she also is similar to cats I have sold in the past (blacklilypie?) I suppose it doesn't really matter.

I also listed a weird little rabbit...

creepy rabbit

The little circles of grey behind his eyes instantly turn him from "cute rabbit" to "Tim Burton inspired creepy rabbit." Haha. Such a small thing. They give him sort of a skull like face. He is a test of a new pattern, really. I haven't decided if I will be making more of his type of doll yet...Probably!

I also added this:

cat chalk board closeup

This item has been hanging out in my studio for QUITE some time. I finally decided to make a "Scratch and Dent" section at blackforestcake, for projects with more quirks than others. This blackboard has some scratches on it from my first chalking attempt. (See them?) But thats ok, its still cute and works great!

I am already working on a new tiny fox plush, and have a little glittery fox mobile to Photoshop and list. It must be the Spring that is making me make animals like mad. :-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New at

Fox! (Of course...)

Party Fox!

The orange felted wool I had in my studio was calling out to be a bright little fox. He is a quirky one, with little green glass eyes and wild whiskers. He is available at my blackforestcake etsy shop, if you want to see more photos of him.

The little felt hat is removable, and the gift box fits overtop of the cake so you can surprise him. the cake is made from paper, modeling paste and sculpey.

This orange is so vibrant it is really hard to photograph. He looks radioactive in some pictures. Haha.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Critter peek!

Back to work!

I am back at it, in my little studio. I am working on a new little critter that will be listed in my blackforestcake Etsy shop.

Here is a little hat that will come with him...Its about 4 inches tall.

Want a bit of a peek at his weird little face? Here you go...
Crazy whiskers!

I don't know exactly when he will be listed, as I have a few other bits and bobs to add to him that are at that *experimental* state where they could go well or go in the bin. :-) Plus its gloomsville outside and that always makes taking photos more of a pain.

I am also working on a DIY purse project that I will post soon. All I will say is *STUDS!*

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little rest

I have been on a little rest this week. I guess you can call it a vacation.


-Looking at stuff. Stuff I like.
-Alice in Wonderland (Seems wrong to punch a mom but I wanted to. SHUSH!)
-wasting time and  slowly running errands
-scouring Winners for purses (I found SO MANY I WANT!)
-buying anime that looks like its for 14 year old goth girls
-eating burritos and BBQ at hipster joints
-shopping for running shoes I might actually run in. (Maybe.)
-getting my health card updated and signing up to donate my tissue and organs to transplant patients and misc. SCIENCE research.
-visiting asian supermarkets (LOVE.)
-being out of my studio for a change

The weather has been crazy nice for this time of year. Perfect to recharge my batteries.


Monday, March 15, 2010


New blog layout!

I get bored of looking at the same old thing. I always start to say to myself "What was I thinking when I designed this?" 
I am still working out some of the quirky bits, and need to make a few more graphics...

I think I like it.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have the touch. Of death.

My baby is sick!

(Ok, more accurately, my baby is DEAD. Hows that for overdramatic. DEAD BABY!!)

So life has been a freaking bowl full of cherries for me lately. 

1. Jury Duty. Yes, it actually happens in real life. I had to waste a week of my time sitting around waiting to be chosen for a jury. In no way do I think being on a jury is a waste of time. If I was chosen I would take it very seriously. BUT I wouldn't be chosen. I have pink hair, am hard to pin down on what my opinions would be by what I look like or what my job is, and I am self employed and wouldn't get paid while the trial was on.  So I just sit in limbo for a week. P.S. The Toronto courthouse is kind of a dump.

2. Hard drive on netbook died. It just gave it up and is basically a super expensive trivet now. I was using it, I killed it. I blame Twitter. it was also just a baby, like 6 months old or something.

3. My iMac DIES!!!!!!!
Nothing could revive it. Eventually had to go to the Apple store for some nerd love. Hard drive is being replaced as I write this. At considerable cost. CONSIDERABLE.
So two hard drive failures in three days? Awesome luck all around. Thankfully, I have *most* of my stuff backed up on an external drive, but I did loose tons of photos, my itunes library, email archives, and an awesome vector project that I had worked on for days and days. Probably other stuff but I don't even want to think about it...

So basically if anything else goes wrong at all, ANYTHING at all, I am basically going to go nuclear and destroy the earth.

Both my Etsy shops are closed until my iMac comes home with its organ transplant, and I reinstall everything and all that nonsense. 

Sad Mac. :-(