Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Doll - Blue Cat

I thought it would be interesting to paint a doll before sewing it. This is my little test guy.

I made a rough pattern out of paper first, then traced it on the fabric. This would be the basic ink outline. I didn't really plan what he would end up looking like,  this was more of a "figure out how this is going to work" scenario.

painted art doll in progress

I mixed my acrylic with fabric medium, so when it was complete I would be able to heat set it.

painted art doll in progress closeup
I found that I had to build up layers so it wouldn't all run together in a soggy mess (although sometimes that is EXACTLY what looks the best.) I did thin washes and spatters, blasted them with my dryer (which I always use when I paint) And slowly built up this little guy's face.

After painting all the parts, and heat setting them with an iron,  I cut them out with a seam allowance. Then I used a piece of black cotton the same size and sewed alone the outline with right sides facing each other. Get it? 
I left the toes and wrists open and added little hands and toenails. Then stuffed it.
I initially was going to have the limbs be fixed to the body but I thought it would be nice if he could sit or hang out like a cool cat. So I attached the limbs with thread, kind of like you attach a button to a shirt.

painted cat plush final
I think he turned out quite good for a test run! His feet are my favorite part.
Little Blue Cat is available in my Etsy Shop right now. I am planning to make a few more critters now with this format, its a nice combo of painting and sewing for me.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Makes you late for dinner.

I haven't been drawing much, because sitting in a chair makes my back hurt. Which is a pretty serious concern for someone who sits at the computer or sits at the sewing machine, or sits at a drawing table all day.

I think I prematurely aged.  Possibly going to be one of those "Ow my back" people for life now. Its really helping my cheer levels, which were pretty high to begin with. *Sarcasm chasm, watch out*

I think I am on the mend though. I completed this. (For no discernable reason...)
The Hobbit is so cute. Re-watching it, I still think its cute. All the characters are cute. All the actors are cute. Ugh, Bilbo's house is so dang cuute. The movie has no women in it, which is terribly UNCUTE, but other than that problematic crap...CUTE.  Should have put off seeing it until all three movies were finished, though. Waiting is the worst.

As for the comic, I know its a popular act on tumblr to be like "Oh, I hate people, I just need my computers heat for love" but seriously, that is me. This comic isn't an exaggeration. Everyone, you are nice and lovely and I might even like you, but I want you to GO AWAY.  Even if you are an amazing wizard and offering the adventure of a lifetime..Nahhhh.