Thursday, July 29, 2010

Impressing people. Its easy!

You are so lucky to have learned this lesson for free. I should be charging for this gold.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Its ok.

That is it. I am declaring it.

Blogs are for interesting people, and when you aren't doing anything interesting, they feel like a lead weight. 

I am not quitting blogging, or anything drastic like that. Just putting it out there that times come and go where I am bored and bored people are boring. Bored yet?

I think I need to try something new with this blog, because its a dull advertisement space for my Etsy shops, which I also find incredibly dull these days. I don't produce any design or product when I am bored.

So there it is. I am bored of me. At least this me. Just part of the insane freakout that is my rapid aging.

At least it made me make this graphic....
Stay tuned. Or whatever.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It was too hot.

Too hot to blog. Too hot to live.

Sure its an excuse, but life sucks when its hot. Plus a repairman broke my freaking door. See? Valid excuse for not blogging. (heh heh...)

So I finally got a new bookmark in the shop...

angel bookmark close

The bookmark has the word "Choose..." on the bottom of both sides. I didn't want to label black or white, because who knows who the real good guy is on any given day.

I worked on this image first a a pin set, the idea of the wings being the pins. I actually have the sets completed, and they are ready to go, just need to 'shop the pictures. Might have to wait until tomorrow.

Just for fun, here is the sketch it came from (its a Photobooth image)

Photo on 2010-07-13 at 17.58 #2

Looks the same essentially! Haha I was sketching some ideas, but once I scribbled this one down I was like "Thats it!"

So tomorrow the pins sets will be posted. I am thinking of trying to do a few new pin sets in the upcoming weeks. I have retired older sets over the years and my pins section is getting sparse. :-)

Thanks for looking!