Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Took my sweet time...

Yeah, the finished "Sugar and Spice" and "Not Very Nice" paintings sat around for a while. (The ones from the previous post...)
Sugar and Spice
Not Very Nice

They are in the shop. I could have worked on them for weeks and weeks, with all their little critters and flowers and stuff. Everything always needs more highlights and lowlights and splatter. If I didn't stop myself I would ruin everything by overworking it until it was a mess.

I think they turned out cute. I have plans to make them into an object a little later on today...

But first I have to ride the streetcar (I heart the streetcars so much in the summer.) and buy fancy envelopes and art supplies. My silkscreen experiment failed miserably. I had bought a new big screen, but then my photo emulsion refused to harden after being exposed. Grrr. So I need to redo the whole thing again. I would LOVE to just pay someone to burn my screen for me, but I am cheap.

Ok, ok, enough procrastinating, its 1:44 in the afternoon and I am still wearing pyjamas...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peek into Batcat land...

Here is a little project I am working on right now.

(My silk screening project has been put on hold. I made an image too big for any of my screens. DUH. I will have to buy new ones. The ruler is a very important tool i should pay more attention to. haha.)

Anyway, here is what I am doing instead. Dual Batcats!!

Pencil rouch for Batcat

This is one of them, the "nice" one. You can see how in depth some of my roughs are. *snicker* I had just started to ink it when I took a picture...

Inked Batcats

Here is the "bad" one. I have a plan that uses both of these as prints and also as a two part mystery object. Of course, it always depends on how they turn out. There are always a lot of happy accidents in my paintings.

So now to paint.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Can there be too much bat stuff?

Wow. I was totally lazy this weekend. I turned into a mushroom and hid from the sunlight.
Lazy Bat
Like this bat that should be out finding bugs to eat and seeing its bat friends, but instead he just hangs around and feels sleepy and bored...

The "in progress" bats were completed a few days ago, and I have been lazily posting them to my Etsy shop.
A lot of Stuffy Bats
Some of them are sold already. Bye!

And one little guy was the first item I added to my brand new iCraft shop! OOOH, new Canadian online craft site. I get so few Canadian buyers, I thought this might help me find a few more. I still wrestle with the term "craft" though. I think it still has a negative connotation to me. As in macaroni art. Also I hate it when people do crafts on TV and exclaim "Its so easy, anyone can do i!" No, only I can do it. WELL. hee hee.

I have one more bat I am working on, and an adventure in silk screening (which I really suck at.) But first I have to redye my hair pink. I have my priorities. haha

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bats! Work in progress.

Bats! Work in progress.
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I am currently working on sewing up a big batch of Stuffy Bats! I often take forever to finish my stuffed dudes. Sometimes they sit in this half finished state for a long time...We shall see if that happens.

Two of my three ceiling lights burned out and I have 10 foot ceilings (or something) and I can't reach them myself! It is dark like a bats cave in here! Maybe this will get me in the mood to sew little fangs onto these guys.