Thursday, October 29, 2009

New on Thursday

I am super lucky, and was chosen to be interviewed on a blog!

To check out my interview, go on over to To Paraphrase, or click here to go right to my interview...

Its always nice to have someone be interested in your work, especially other artists. (And especially ones who understand when you take forever to do the interview!) I think she made me look good, choosing really nice images of my work. Thanks so much!!

Also new today, added a item to the shop.

Meghan bookmark

I worked on how to crop this painting for quite some time, trying many different shapes. I think the slender oval with a border suits the image and I am very happy with how it came out. And the glossy lamination really makes the colours look rich. :-)

Its so close to Halloween I am vibrating with spooky happiness. I started making cookies (multiple kinds!) and I might get to visit with foster kitties on Halloween too. *Plus* I might even get to go to Ikea to feed my buying-jars-to-put-baking-ingredients-in fetish. Busy!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New print!

A new matted print in the shop today.

Meghan, finished painting

There are parts of this painting I looove, and parts I haaate.

Her face in the original is so pretty with such subtle layers, and some of the background splotches are so perfect...But she has major proportional problems. Haha. I don't feel bad about tweaking her a bit in Photoshop, because I like the final outcome. I think the print looks great. The colours look really rich and warm in the off white mat.

I am also assembling some bookmarks this afternoon with this image on them, and they look really nice so far. Will probably post them later today.

And, I started a winter/Christmas/Holiday project! It was hard to do it before Halloween, but I am responsible like that. ;-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday is not a day for stress

Sewing sucked my will to live.

So I moved onto something else.


Sometimes your plans change. I was struggling with sewing, and everything was going wrong. So I just put it all away for another day and started something new. Much better!

We shall see how this goes...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sock thing.

pink sock monster

This is a sock creature being born in my studio.

What will he be? His little personality is forming...Life as a pair of pink socks can't be easy, he might be a tough-ass. haha

I will see what he wants to be tomorrow morning.

Monday, October 19, 2009



black sparkle in the studio

A little painting in the studio getting its final touches...Notice a similarity in someones hair colour? HEE HEEEE.

black sparkle 2

Black Sparkle.

This little painting has a hand painted frame too. It has been hanging around in my studio for months and months! So I thought I should actually get around to filling it. Adding the little black sparkle necklace and bow on top of the varnish was fun. I know the idea of adding sparkle to anything could make it a cheap piece of junk so it was a gamble...but I think it looks cute. Cute junk!

Its available in the shop right now...

Ok, now to clean up a billion tiny sparkle flecks from everything...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New in the shop...

I have two new little items for my shops today!

acrylic painting on clay 1
This is "Little Kay"

This little original painting is on a handmade polymer clay ornament. I am always experimenting with painting of different surfaces. I haven't decided if I am going to do more of these or not, it was fun, but sometimes fun isn't a good business decision. haha.

acrylic painting on clay 3

I made this little fox for my Blackforestcake Etsy shop. Aw, isn't he sweet?


1500 sales on Etsy!

I got my cookie cake for 1500 sales! That baby was eaten so fast. Sure, I like to make real homemade cookies from scratch, but sometimes an overly sweet mall-made treat is just what you need. JUNK! :-)

I somehow hurt my back like a sad old woman, and sitting in my studio chair is killing me. Hopefully I heal and can get pack to work, because the next two weeks are a basically the best time of year. I have so many plans for things I want to make!! CakesCookiesDecorationsCostumesCoffins! :-D Can you tell I am excited?!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I went to Montreal!
And ate poutine.

Won a trip to POP Montreal, a music festival all over the city. Went by train! I put some pics as a Flickr set.

Here is a quick description of the trip:
-So many screw ups by the newspaper we won the trip from, they sent us someone else's train ticket, then only sent one ticket instead of two! UGH.
-SO bloody cold.
-everyone was super nice, even when I was like "Pardon me?" when they spoke French to me. (I kept feeling so rude!)
-gorgeous architecture *whimpers*
-one billion new bands, one billion indie kids
-booze at supermarket and gas stations (so WEIRD!)
-should have brought a black towel for my hair (sorry hotel!)
-Want to go back.