Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a blog?

Five times this week I went "I am gonna post some crap today." But then I realized that this week my life is dull and it would make the world a duller place to pollute it with more dullness.

But I got over it.

Stuffy skeleton!

He is a cute one. His squashy face makes me like him.

With all the craziness about the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) in the States taking effect soon, and what it will mean for anyone who makes kids toys or products it seemed like a good time to get him out there before he is horribly illegal. Even though I don't specifically make kids items, things like this stuffed skeleton could be making his last appearance in my shop because he is perceived as a kids toy. Unless something changes, most people who make kids stuff won't be able to pay for the new testing they will be required to have.

The rest of the word can still snorgle him, but I sell most of my toys to Americans. So it won't really be worth my while to make them. aww. :-( There is a possibililty he could be considered an "art doll" but that will need more researching before I can be sure. The issue is a hot topic on Etsy and all over the place. The US crafty community is seriously kicking butt fighting this. Props to you.

*EDIT * Pretty much right after I posted this the deadline that you would have to start testing some kids products was suspended for one year! Way to make waves! :-)

So, I also listed two original artworks this week!
Postcard original painting matted.summer original painting
So proud of me. Ok, it wasn't actually difficult. Ha.

Oh and I just have to post this last little pic from last weekend. It makes me laugh whenever I look at it...
Hahaha. We are such idiots.
Before going out to the clubs we were playing on our webcams for way longer than we should have been. (Three computers, one studio? Dork party!) It deteriorated into gang signs and photobooth special effects. So fun. Look how cool we think we are.

Now off to make pad thai and try not to make a fool of myself on the internet. ;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The dead rise and review....

Genghis Tron - Board Up the House

Well, I'm not sure that Tara and Rocko (The cat!) will be totally on-board with this one, but "Board Up the House" was certainly MY favorite heavy album of 2008. Genghis Tron produce a terrific racket for a 3-piece band, but aggressive noise isn't the only thing that they bring to the party. Over the course of 43 minutes, the 'Tron moves between punishing metalcore riffs and screamed vocals on the one hand, and mellow (if ominous) synths and glitchtronica on the other ("Recursion" is particularly pretty). This may be on the more experimental end of the current spectrum of metal music, so it probably isn't for folks who really need sing-a-long choruses in their listening material (or choruses at all for that matter). This is music that is both intense and interesting. Play it loud!

N. Zombie will be reviewing only zombie approved awesome albums, to brighten your dreary existence. Or the opposite. Or whatever. :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give Batcat a Face!

The new item I sneak peeked a little while ago is ready and in the shop!

batcat body memo

A little Batcat dry erase memo body! I am totally a "write it down or I will forget about it" kind of person. Maybe that is why I really like the idea of dry erase memo boards. Leave a little note, reminding, noting or maybe even teasing. I love finding notes to me from people, its super fun!

Like check this out...
blackboard 1

This is a blackboard in my bathroom that people can write cute stuff on. Washroom graffiti! It needs desperately to be repainted due to the humidity of my crappy washroom, but that has to be done outside. I will have to wait until spring.

My dad made this "dog" for my brother when was a little kid, in the shape of his imaginary friend/dog. Imaginary dogs don't have to be dog shaped you know. I bet it you its over 20 years old now. HOLY.

blackboard 2

If I had my way I would have note leaving places all over my house. You never know when you have to draw a taco cat, or remind people about Halloween.

In fast I have a few notes in front of me that say "butternut squash," and "wallz" (No idea what that one is) and "new bloggitude." Life is sweet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Power problems...

Thursday, I had a power outage and it was cold and totally sucky.

But it could have been worse, I was only without power overnight. And even though it was super cold outside, it never got to the the "see your breath indoors" stage many other unfortunate Torontonians had to live though. Thank god for cell phones! I have never been so happy to have one.

Once the power came back on, we went to a friends house for a home cooked dinner. We arrived to see that THEIR power had jut went out in a totally unrelated power outage!! Like, what are the odds? The dinner was awesome anyway. Maybe we appreciated it more because of their hardship.

Then had a family dinner, didn't get any work done and let the house descend into utter squalor. Its was a pretty shameful waste of a weekend. A lot of eating and sitting on my rear.

But at least I have this....

teen vamp original painting

Phew. I can totally pretend I accomplished finishing this painting on the weekend. In reality I just varnished it, then let it sit there...

The blog makeover I previously mentioned is in progress, I am working on new graphics and its coming! I am going to try and choose another original painting from my collection to list this week too. You know, my regular Monday power positive outlook... haha

*UPDATE* I know the blog is a mismatched mess right now. I keep changing my mind after I make the new graphics! Grumble...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Original for sale.

Look! I am following though with my resolution to sell more original artwork!

Remember this?

Finished Art-Spoiled Fox

Now its for sale in my shop. *EDIT* Its now sold! :-)
I think its splattered edge is nice, but it might be a challenge to mat it. But that is what framers do right? (Not like I ever take anything to the framers.) I should just break down and buy a mat cutter. Yes.

So the Batcat project I sneak peeked yesterday is complete, BUT I am missing a crucial component to the photo shoot. ARG! Must wait another day, since I am hermiting due to crazy Canadian cold temperatures. *types with mitten on* I am a baby when it comes to cold. My friends make fun of me mercilessly.

Finally, the next thing I am working on is redoing this blog. I get so bored of it so fast. So new banner and colour scheme coming soon. Yay! Even my blog makes me cold, so I have to change it. heh heh....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Lino Print

I finally got around to signing, numbering and packaging a lino print I did before Christmas!

Wild Child Lino print

These are very hand printed looking prints. Haha. They all have their quirks, but that is what makes printmaking charming right? The idea that each print is an original. I used water based ink, which dried too quickly for my slow and shaky printing skills. Its a limited edition of 12.

I already have a new lino block carved and waiting for printing! Just need supplies and I am ready to go nuts.

To mix it up a bit, I am working on a little Batcat project. Here is a little look at it I screen grabbed yesterday.

batcat thingy screen grab

Click here for the huge one... Its not a complicated little thing, its already printed and in "production" mode right now. Sometimes drawing Batcat is more relaxing than work. And this simple little shape might be used for a bunch of different items. He had a bit of tweaking after this screen grab...

I am doing pretty well on my resolutions too. I think eating healthier is much easier now that my Dude pointed out that watching the Food Network all day doesn't help my resolve. Back to crime and murder. Ha ha. I even *gasp* exercised. Plus I have some other original artwork photographed and ready to list. I might even touch outdoor air today. Maybe.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Original Painting for sale!

Ok, so here we go.

My first original artwork for sale in 2009.

halloween ball original

Ok, I cheated a bit. It was pretty easy to sell this painting because it scanned so well that I feel its a really accurate representation of the original artwork. I hardly did any digital work to make it salable as a print. So I know it will look good in someones collection.

Plus its on watercolour paper with no varnish or anything, so its more fragile than many of my other artworks, so it has to fine a home before it gets wrecked (in my mess of a studio!)

Phew. That wasn't so hard. I got a ton of feedback from sweet people urging me to list originals, and that really helped me get going. Thanks everyone!!

More to come soon...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I guess this could be another of my New Years resolutions. Sell original artwork.

I often get requests to buy originals of prints and commissions on new work. I get squirmy in both situations.

I like to keep my originals. Its a bit of a "what if I lost the scans", a bit of "what if I wanted to look at them" and a lot of "I digitally rework a ton of my paintings."

But its also kind of crazy to have a huge stash of artwork people want to buy and just letting it sit in a drawer.

So I grabbed a stack of paintings that I will try to force myself to sell this year.

Decisions 2

See how carefully I treat them? Most of them don't even have covers!! My university profs would be smacking their foreheads.

A lot of them are ones I sell as prints in my Etsy shop, some are batcat stuff, and works that never really saw the light of day. Nothing is written in stone yet though. Sorry!

I am not going to just throw them up online. I have to retouch a ton of them, get custom mats for others and make sure I have about 10 scans of each one (paranoid much?)I just got a cute new external hard drive, so that makes this process easier. (Thanks mom and dad!)

Ask me again in 24 hours and I will be like "What blog post about selling paintings? I never made a post like that. LIAR" and run away clutching a pile of illustration boards.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok, so that power-positive post I made on December 31st might have been a nail in my resolution coffin.

I have never ate so much crap food (like dessert for breakfast!), drank so much booze, slept so little and wasted so much time!! It was kind of entirely awesome. A friend came and spread his bad influence over at our place and it was great.

BUT my clothes don't fit, my shop is neglected and I have a to do list that won't even fit on a standard lined paper. I am foolscap territory! (<--Its long paper people, come on now.) So uh, that New Year was a practice. I get a do-over!

Lino block print -batcat chow-
I did manage to list my new block print! Its Batcat Chow, an edition of 15 is available.

I am going to do a very limited run of this image with full colour hand tinting too. Maybe only 4 or 5, I will have to see how they turn out...

So Happy Tara New Year! *chomps on broccoli in festive manner* WOOO!