Thursday, January 8, 2009


I guess this could be another of my New Years resolutions. Sell original artwork.

I often get requests to buy originals of prints and commissions on new work. I get squirmy in both situations.

I like to keep my originals. Its a bit of a "what if I lost the scans", a bit of "what if I wanted to look at them" and a lot of "I digitally rework a ton of my paintings."

But its also kind of crazy to have a huge stash of artwork people want to buy and just letting it sit in a drawer.

So I grabbed a stack of paintings that I will try to force myself to sell this year.

Decisions 2

See how carefully I treat them? Most of them don't even have covers!! My university profs would be smacking their foreheads.

A lot of them are ones I sell as prints in my Etsy shop, some are batcat stuff, and works that never really saw the light of day. Nothing is written in stone yet though. Sorry!

I am not going to just throw them up online. I have to retouch a ton of them, get custom mats for others and make sure I have about 10 scans of each one (paranoid much?)I just got a cute new external hard drive, so that makes this process easier. (Thanks mom and dad!)

Ask me again in 24 hours and I will be like "What blog post about selling paintings? I never made a post like that. LIAR" and run away clutching a pile of illustration boards.


  1. i would totally love to own one of your originals! and if you have people asking to buy them, that's awesome! a good sign that you'd be able to sell all of them.

    i didn't realize that some people don't like parting with originals until i met someone who said he never sold his originals. it is a bit odd if you paint for a living, but i guess if you become famous one day, the originals would be worth a lot :)

    happy new year!

  2. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would sell some originals!!

  3. Anonymous6:13 PM

    *eyes that stripy Batcat painting on the bottom*


    I can understand your reluctance to part with your originals, though. I'd always be wondering if people were taking care of them.

  4. Lol! You're so funny :)

    It's great that you might offer up some of your original artworks. I'm sure they are much-coveted by many.

  5. I know how you feel about wanting to hang on to your originals, I have a hard time handing over mine as well.

  6. What beautiful work you do! How honored you must be that your getting requests for your originals. I know that feeling, not wanting to let go... But you'll have plenty of scans now and more room to make new ones!