Friday, October 24, 2008


I am in NOW this week!

Now is an independent free weekly news and entertainment newspaper that pretty much one trillion Toronto people read on the subway every Thursday. Its basically the perfect audience for people like me. Its an "Authors Fest" issue and my little bookmark got chosen!



Here is a link to the web version of the little article. I like it that my name got into the little blurb at the top. Not too shabby.

So that is fun. Its pretty much what I expected when I was contacted by the fashion reporter. Its teeny tiny but its still in print. I tried so hard to pitch the "Book Vampire" one to him! Ugh, doesn't anyone like vampires?! ;-) haha

So HI NOW READERS!! If any of you manage to trickle this far I am going to celebrate by getting myself a present. Or if none of you do, I get a present. I basically just get a present.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I swear he can say the word "mom."

Here is my day, morning and evening.


His isn't so much a cat, as he is some sort of constant eating-animal. I like to call this animal the fatty bear. Or possibly, the cat-loaf. He turns cat food into fur and pee. Loudly.

I am featured on my Street team's blog today! My street team is pretty active and has about one billion members. The Etsy Dark Side Street Team is all about making darker sellers more visible and giving them a community to chat to and network with. I just squeak under the door as "dark" enough. Hi street team people!

Maybe tomorrow I will make a comic about how my cat can only go to sleep if I build him a tent in the blankets. No really. Its freaking pathetic.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok, its Monday. It dreary outside and cold in my studio and I feel like I could just crawl under a blanket and watch House (which I downloaded in a totally legal way.) Is someone being a jerk to everyone supposed to make me smile so much? I might be a bad person...

So this weekend a batch of Batcat plush were finished up. I got a request for a more baby-safe doll, and this is what I came up with. They are nice and floppy, and kind of flat, perfect for kids to lay on and beat up.
some dudes

I put one sleepy one in the shop. One is spoken for and the awake one might be photographed tomorrow (when its less dreary.)

Another thing that I will add is my new little phone my Dude got for me. I had the oldest phone on the planet, and the worst part is that it still worked perfectly and dependably. How crappy is that?? I wanted it to break so I could get a new fancy one.

I now have the phone of a 16 year old boy.

I have yet to mar its surface with stickers and junk, but that will happen after the honeymoon period of newness. I think its nice I actually have a use for my Bluetooth now. Sending nonsense to and from my phone. Its like I live in the future. (P.S. My Dude got the 'girl' colour and I got the 'boy' colour. Does that blow your mind how we laugh at typical gender roles? HA.)

Ugh, today is definitely the day I turn the heat on in the apartment. It somehow feels like failure. I always try to go as long as possible without it. But Screw that, its officially friggan cold, and friggan Monday. I have written posts about how I usually feel so optimistic and productive on Mondays. I am so sorry about that. I take it ALL back. I just feel COLD.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The dead rise and review...

Looking at the CD for "Nightmare Revisited", I really have to imagine that it was prompted by a Disney executive in a nondescript boardroom saying, "Geez, we ought to exploit this Nightmare Before Christmas property after all these years!". Beloved of spooky kids everywhere, a 'special edition' DVD of the film has just been released, and to accompany it is this album, a collection of covers of the full original soundtrack, I.E. with 20 different artists all covering a different song. Luckily, the album sounds much better than a quick cash-in should (though this can be attributed in no small part to the strength of Danny Elfman's songs). The choice of artists is interesting; although there are exceptions, the album largely splits into straightforward alternative rock on the one hand (Flyleaf, Korn, Rise Against, Plain White T's) and more experimental, hipster-approved bands (Sparklehorse, The Polyphonic Spree, Datarock). I have to say that my preference (at least on this album!) is for the former. Marilyn Manson's bombastic Weimar-metal cover of "This Is Halloween" is clearly cartoonish by design; Sparklehorse's "Something's Wrong With Jack" is insufferably precious, a mess of glittery meandering and falsetto vocals. Definitely a worthwhile album - most of the time - for fans of Jack and Co.
-N. Zombie

N. Zombie will be reviewing only zombie approved awesome albums weekly, to brighten your dreary existence. Or the opposite. Or whatever. :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its ready!!

I heart my colouring book!

I think it came out really well. It was fun to do too. I might have to start a second book right away!

Its a little 10 page black and white book, with a glossy cover. Each little book was hand assembled, has an original little Batcat doodle, signature and number. So each little kiddie, or big kiddie feels like they have something super special.

If I never sell one, I don't even care, because I am think they came out so sweet. (Ok, I would still like to sell some. haha!)

There was some discussion on whether I should use the US or the Canadian spelling of 'colour', especially since it was definitely for children, and almost all my audience is in the states. But when it comes down to it, I am a Canadian, Batcat is a Canadian, and that is how we spell colour! :-) I think the world will survive my choice.

P.S. Do you like Batcat's new buddy? He is a cute little Rat, as Batcats only eat cakes and pastries, not rodents.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneaky Peaky

Assembly of my little book thing is underway! The one I showed a bit of here.

Sorry forests!

book bits
And another bit.

I am assembling them slowly (it IS Thanksgiving weekend in Canada...) And I am sure they will be in my shop my Tuesday or Wednesday. Its cute! I think I can safely promise that now. ;-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Pin Set!

Its been a while since I designed a new pin set for my shop.

I guess this one is only half new really, since it uses existing paintings, like the one I posted about in my last post...

Pretty Girl 2

"Pretty Girls" is available now in the shop.

The little mirrors are really cute! I think I like them more because I did something I don't usually do. I cheated! I did this little sketch in pencil, loved it, and then just scribbled on it with pen and marker and kept it as the final. Usually in a situation like this I would take the time to make this super clean ink drawing, which sometimes looses a bit of the life of the pencil sketch. This worked out way better. In university my professors always said this was the best way to get good work, but I guess I forgot. haha

So that's my big accomplishment for the day. I feel like its a good one.

*Oh, look at that, a pin set sold before this post was complete! Yay. That's a good sign! :-)*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Please don't ask me to paint you.

Once in a while I do a commissioned painting, usually if it interests me. Call me lazy, but its really stressful to paint something for someone you don't know, and be happy with the final product.

I really struggle with custom work, because I am a very bad planner and I like to "try stuff" in the middle of paintings. Stuff that sometimes goes horribly wrong.Ok, OFTEN goes horrible wrong. So when I can't do that because I am freaked out that I will ruin the painting of your lovely pet/child/husband/mama, it looses some of its life.

BUT. When I know the person I am doing work for, its WAY easier. I know what colours you like, I have seen the art at your house and I know that you know me and have seen everything I have ever done. So doing work for you is a treat.


This little painting was a gift for an autumn bride's paper anniversary. I know the giver and receiver really well, so when I got the "Do whatever you want." I didn't have to panic. This little painting was supposed to remind her of the wedding, remind her of herself, and maybe even remind her that there is life outside her office walls. ;-) I think it came out quite pretty.

Little tip for anyone commissioning an artist for a gift for the Mrs or Mr: The giver who commissioned the artist gets no love, and the artist gets it all. :-) Haha. Sorry!

So its October! Officially fall to me. And if I needed any proof, there is something that proves it. Door to door pumpkin salesman.

Veggie truck

You can buy a pumpkin off the street of busy Toronto, with the farm dirt still on it. How weird is this? Weird and kind of perfect for the neighborhood I live in. Its veggieland.

Some day I am gonna run out there and buy something. Maybe its the mix of cuteness of the piles of veggies, the obvious law breaking, or the fact that its the ultimate DIY way of selling your stuff. Next time...

Oh wait, would I actualy have to eat the veggies? Hmm. Might have to rethink this.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

An new print.

I don't generally do artwork that is for a specific time of the year, as that just seems like such a strange and limiting concept...

But. I did do a Halloween-ish one this year.

Halloween Ball

Not that it started out that way, it just kind of progressed and with LARGE thanks to a costume idea from Martha Stewart, it just became a Halloween painting.

halloween ball progress

Here is a progress shot I grabbed if it as I threw paint on it. Of course, using orange makes it instantly Halloweeny. I hardly ever use orange.

I think this is one of the rare times when the print is actually more beautiful than the original artwork. I reproduced it at the same size and the slight change in colour that happens when you scan and print really made it pop. It's available in the shop now. I might also offer it matted in the near future. And probably the original painting too. Haha, how many ways can you utilize one image? I will do it!

P.S. She has magic hair. In more ways than one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I haven't worn anything but pjs this week.

No, I haven't left the house yet this week.

I usually make things for myself to go out and do but this week seems like a good time to cocoon and work on stuff.

Just a few minutes ago I sent part of the teeny tiny book I made to the printers. Nerve wracking!! I just get all worried that it will printed wrong. Just a tiny change in colour or shift and its ruined. I won't sleep soundly until I have it in my little hands. I think its going to take a week and a half...

So, my October is going to go well. How do I know this? Good omen. My bat was on the front page!
October 1st frontpage

Its always super nice when someone (Thanks phydeaux!)lets me know I have something on the front page of Etsy! I would never know if people didn't do that. I was just on the front page recently, so I am feeling the love. :-)

So aside from a few custom orders, and restocking a few items in my shop, I have decided to take a break and just do some paintings and drawings in the next week or so. Nice to have a change of pace. I have some new supplies to try out and halloweeny ideas to bring to life.

Maybe I won't leave the house until Friday! Hmm, that would be a new level of hermit-ness. yes, I think I can acheive it.