Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Please don't ask me to paint you.

Once in a while I do a commissioned painting, usually if it interests me. Call me lazy, but its really stressful to paint something for someone you don't know, and be happy with the final product.

I really struggle with custom work, because I am a very bad planner and I like to "try stuff" in the middle of paintings. Stuff that sometimes goes horribly wrong.Ok, OFTEN goes horrible wrong. So when I can't do that because I am freaked out that I will ruin the painting of your lovely pet/child/husband/mama, it looses some of its life.

BUT. When I know the person I am doing work for, its WAY easier. I know what colours you like, I have seen the art at your house and I know that you know me and have seen everything I have ever done. So doing work for you is a treat.


This little painting was a gift for an autumn bride's paper anniversary. I know the giver and receiver really well, so when I got the "Do whatever you want." I didn't have to panic. This little painting was supposed to remind her of the wedding, remind her of herself, and maybe even remind her that there is life outside her office walls. ;-) I think it came out quite pretty.

Little tip for anyone commissioning an artist for a gift for the Mrs or Mr: The giver who commissioned the artist gets no love, and the artist gets it all. :-) Haha. Sorry!

So its October! Officially fall to me. And if I needed any proof, there is something that proves it. Door to door pumpkin salesman.

Veggie truck

You can buy a pumpkin off the street of busy Toronto, with the farm dirt still on it. How weird is this? Weird and kind of perfect for the neighborhood I live in. Its veggieland.

Some day I am gonna run out there and buy something. Maybe its the mix of cuteness of the piles of veggies, the obvious law breaking, or the fact that its the ultimate DIY way of selling your stuff. Next time...

Oh wait, would I actualy have to eat the veggies? Hmm. Might have to rethink this.

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  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    /super big heart :):)
    Bestest painting ever.

    Um. And you should go buy a truck pumpkin now. That is just too awesome.