Friday, July 25, 2008

Yep. That confirms it. I am a dork.

If you need proof...
The Batman

I have proposed to a few things on the internet. But this time I mean it. Batman, I heart you.

(Oh, and could you marry both me and my boyfriend? Cause he wants to marry you too. He can do the dishes while we drive the Batmobile and grit our teeth.)


In real life, a cool little thing has occured!
The Sampler!
Kittycrossbones and myself worked together to submit to The Sampler. I did the artwork and she did the printing, a bit of design work and assembly (not to mention submitting and mailing PHEW). I think it came out super cute. We officially are awesome.

My arms are dye stained to the elbows from re-pinkening my hair, but I don't care cause its Friday, and I have a big bat signal shaped peanut butter cup to chow on. :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy doing nothing.

My parents visited this past weekend. So I took a mini vacation with them and ate fish and chips in the park and looked at antiques. Rocko the Cat had trained them to give him treats and feed him by the time they left.

catnip 5

Its nice to be able to put your life on hold when you want to.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Its UP.

My website!

So my personal website is up after being down for months and months. Its sat unfinished, as I put off making graphics. And even though its still a bit bare, its up and its functioning!

My website!

Its going to grow. I might add a shop to it in the future, but right now its just a hub to my Etsy shop and blog, and an online portfolio.

The Batcat mini-site is going to be way more fun to make (That is what the Batcat link is all about) so now I can get started on that. yay!

But that can wait because I am making up a TON of stuffy skeletons!!
Stuffy Skeletons!
My early morning shot of the skeletons lined up and waiting to be stuffed and appliqued. I am making some baby safe ones this time too. But for the others, I have to wait on my eyes from Australia, so the hoard will remain eyeless until later this week. I have other colours too, but I will save those for another day.

Studio shot

The little corner of the studio where I often crouch. It looks so full of stuff, and it is. Its actually pretty neat, no Diet Pepsi cans or cats or teetering piles of books and paper like usual. I must be slipping.

Alright, I am starting to blankly stare at the blogger window with dead eyes, so that is when I know its time to end this post. Coffee then skeletons.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its sugary, I warn youI

OMG Lookout, a spooky spooky witch. (Yeah right.)

The Pink Witch and her Evil Eats!

This pink witch has a little teeny cookbook. Evil Eats. Its standard issue for pink witch cats. She is available in my shop.

Nude witch!

She doesn't mind being nude on the internet. Its empowering.

This little lady was sitting around in my studio for months and months in an unfinished state. I loose interest in projects sometimes, so I wait until I think of better ideas. Making a little book made finishing her fun. I will definitely be making more teeny books in the future. Aww. Librarian cat? Harry Potter reading cat? ACCOUNTANT CAT. Wow I am SO doing that one. No stealzies, its mine.

See how much I accomplished this morning. Photographing,photoshopping,flickring,blogging. That's because I will spend the rest of the day moping around whining to the cat that its hot. ;-)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Yeeesh. FINALLY.

It took FOREVER to get these things!

Tah dah. Postcards! Cathy guessed it on my sneak peek post. And the most surprising thing is that I don't hate them! Woo hoo! They do have their "quirks" but that's life! The real drama was shipping. The place that made them (which is a secret!) did an awesome job of printing them right away, within 24 hours! BUT then the shipping got majorly sidetracked. They kept going back and forth over the border!!

Ok whats this about? From USA to Canada, back to USA, back to Canada, Back to USA, back to Canada?? What tha heck? Well, eventually they arrived. The box they were shipped in was held together by a tiny thread of tape, its a miracle they weren't sprinkled from here to Kentucky.

Also, I finally passed the 900 sales milestone at my Etsy shop!! Its *ahem* kinda slow right now, so this took way longer than I would have liked. But I am still thrilled.

Oh yeah and I was going to post pics from my Canada Day weekend. I got lazy because there was no awesome pics of us looking all stylish at the concert and fun stuff, only the whole group looking unwashed and hungover. hahaha. I learned that I should have taken pictures at the BEGINNING of the weekend.

Here we are a the CN tower restaurant, being tourists. There. I posted a picture.

Every Monday I get all motivated to exercise more, accomplish more, clean the house, cut my hair and buy vegetables. I better get moving on all these things because by Tuesday they have evaporated. :-P

Friday, July 4, 2008

Something else new.

Its not the sneak peak thing that I posted about before. That isn't quite ready yet...

But! This is a painting process post!


I decided to do a frisket mask on this painting as its of a very white fox surrounded by very deep coloured things. I hate trying to paint out splatter. And I splatter a lot.

Artwork with frisket

I also made a paper template roughly the size of the fox, which I placed down then glued in place around the edges with the frisket. Then I could go nuts and throw paint around.

removing frisket 1

After I completed all the pillows and stuff around the fox, its time to lift up my mask. I use this super old and gross pickup that I have had since time began. They don't wear out they just get bigger and grosser. The frisket sticks to it.

pull up mask

Then pull up my paper mask. Even though it looks messy, its all just yellow frisket and paint on top of it.

clean fox

Tah dah! The white fox is still white! No blobs or messes to try and cover. (Ok, not much...) What a cool invention. I just need to add the foxes shadows and its complete.

Finished Art-Spoiled Fox

And there is the final artwork. The most spoiled arctic fox in the world. Its in the shop!

I have officially decided to become a fox collector. I got a stuffed fox on the weekend, and it broke the seal. Fox crazy. And why shouldn't I be? Foxes are the perfect combo of cat and dog. A super animal!

Ok. I will save my Canada Day pictures/new product reveal/fox gushing until next post.