Monday, July 7, 2008

Yeeesh. FINALLY.

It took FOREVER to get these things!

Tah dah. Postcards! Cathy guessed it on my sneak peek post. And the most surprising thing is that I don't hate them! Woo hoo! They do have their "quirks" but that's life! The real drama was shipping. The place that made them (which is a secret!) did an awesome job of printing them right away, within 24 hours! BUT then the shipping got majorly sidetracked. They kept going back and forth over the border!!

Ok whats this about? From USA to Canada, back to USA, back to Canada, Back to USA, back to Canada?? What tha heck? Well, eventually they arrived. The box they were shipped in was held together by a tiny thread of tape, its a miracle they weren't sprinkled from here to Kentucky.

Also, I finally passed the 900 sales milestone at my Etsy shop!! Its *ahem* kinda slow right now, so this took way longer than I would have liked. But I am still thrilled.

Oh yeah and I was going to post pics from my Canada Day weekend. I got lazy because there was no awesome pics of us looking all stylish at the concert and fun stuff, only the whole group looking unwashed and hungover. hahaha. I learned that I should have taken pictures at the BEGINNING of the weekend.

Here we are a the CN tower restaurant, being tourists. There. I posted a picture.

Every Monday I get all motivated to exercise more, accomplish more, clean the house, cut my hair and buy vegetables. I better get moving on all these things because by Tuesday they have evaporated. :-P


  1. aw, thanks for the plug too :)
    the postcards turned out awesome! hope you sell lots! congrats on reaching 900 sales! did you get your cookie? :)

    yeah, waiting for packages to arrive is most annoying. that's crazy that it kept crossing the border back and forth.

    i had a package from ottawa take almost 2 weeks to get to me and it was sent expedited too, so i feel for you.

  2. They're totally cute!!! And you're about to hit the top sellers list ... you're almost there! :)

  3. I love the new postcards, Tara! They're sooo cute!