Friday, January 29, 2010

Messing around

Decided to start some new little projects today, as I wasn't feeling the paintings I had started.

bat shape

What could this black bat shape be for? hmmm?

I have been off to a slow start this year with completing projects. I start them then I hate them. Its so easy to get distracted. But when I am laying in bed thinking a project, and I can't stop and go to sleep, like I was last night, I know I am on the right track.

Oh, did you see my bobcat print? Its listed at blackforestcake. I think I see many more animal paintings in my future. I want to to do a wolf next. That will be challenging...

But right now, its Friday, and I have to go and play Mini Ninjas. (I spend a lot of time awwing over turning into foxes and raccoon dogs!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This little raccoon was just added to my Blackforestcake shop!

Wool Felt Raccoon

He's waving.

My parents found this amazing wool, which I think was intended for clothing production. May mens suiting or coats... It probably is vintage actually, but I guess I can't say that unless I actually know...but I bet it is.

This wool is perfect for critters! Its so sad that I can only make a few of them then its gone forever. SIGH.

When people touch this raccoon in real life, the first thing they say is "Wow, He is sturdy!" That sturdiness is why sewing felt dolls is only an intermittent thing for me. Its tough! :-)

More critters listed tomorrow I think...

Monday, January 4, 2010


I made a new little print available at my "cute shop" blackforestcake!
squirrel lunch break

I did this painting before the Holiday madness set in, and its been sitting around my studio. I am varnishing the original today, and depending on how it turns out, I may sell it too. :-)

I am having a hard time getting back into my normal routine because something is going on with the heat in my studio. Its not broken, but its not working either! I am usually always complaining about being cold, but it is actually cold in here this time. The heat is cranked up and the heaters are merely warm.  My apartment building is really old and has no insulation.

Its making me grumpy. Grumpier than usual!!

P.S. Tomorrow is photo day for the wool critters I made before Christmas.