Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Ending up on the front page on Black Friday is pretty awesome...
Especially among some other really fantastic black and white goodies! Check out that mug! I am going to resist going on about how every Friday is black Friday for me (Haw haw!) No, they were wrong, I am NOT going to grow out of it!

Being on the front page always brings tons 0f traffic to your shop. I am thankful!! Its nice to know new people are checking out your stuff. Hello new people! :-)Boo! Check out this Spooky Kitten Skeleton! Scary isn't it? Terrifying? Slightly creepy? Ok, maybe just cute...Black and white beasties are the best. I wanted to make sure to post a picture of him so he isn't lost and forgotten. I am just really happy with how he turned out. Awwww.

Oh, and 599 sales. *EEE!*

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Neglect is the word I was looking for...

Ok, so that was kind of mean of me, just leaving this blog to fend for itself. I am a bad blog-mother.

But I am going to rehabilitate myself and make it right by posting pictures of things and items and stuff now...

Like this little dude, who appeared in my shop
Aww, its a BABY Batcat! I picture a nest full of those little guys, mewing away like baby birds. (Note to self, don't put ideas like that on the internet, TRADEMARK!) Haha. I think that might have to turn into a painting. Hmmmm.

I have been keeping myself buy making stuff, packaging stuff and waiting for the American Thanksgiving to finally be over (Whats up with that, can't they have it when we do, when you are SUPPOSED TO? Haw haw.) I guess Thanksgiving is this invisible line that Americans wait to cross to shop for Christmas. Canadians don't have that. I just get antsy knowing my "shipping to US cut off date" is fast approaching...

I also make about one billion ACEO's (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) this week....

They are actually really neat, these teeny tiny prints. There is something satisfying about having a little stack of them like you had collector cards when you are a kid. Once a collector, always a collector I guess.

OOh, not to jinx myself (like I often do) BUT I am so close to 600 sales! It really doesn't loose its thrill, each milestone. Thanks so much everyone!! I have so many repeat customers who are super awesome, and new buyers who make me their first Etsy-buy. Grah, its all so sentimental.

So enjoy your pumpkin pie. I wish I had a piece. Only one piece though, cause after that, its really, really gross. :-P

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I think its going to snow...

Ugh. I forgot what it was like to be cold.

But it does help get me in the mood for winter things. Like listing this little dude!
Haha! Is he an evil elf? Or a good elf? Who cares. The hat says evil but the scarf says not evil. I never want to sell these little critters, but if I kept them all I would have to eat them so its not a very good option. Haha.

I am working on Holiday cards and have stockings to list and more more more stuff. You would think I am a Christmas nut or something. I *thought* I wasn't...Am I?

And with all this self imposed rush-rush, my little cat dude has become increasingly naughty ,loud and demanding. He hates his food, he hates his bed and he hates me for not spending enough time looking at his cat-face. So annoying!! He sounds like a lost sheep, bleating and bleating all day.

You think I could get a picture of him being bad??? NO, of course not. My "little cat" knows when I am trying to catch him being bad to prove he is the baddest cat in history. He is too smart for that.
He just curls his enormous body into his beer box (where it came from we have no idea) and refuses to perform his devil deeds on film. ARGH.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Jingle Bells...

I am fully switched into Holiday mode now.

Halloween flew by the fastest I can ever remember. The party, the candy *groan* and the crow candle holders we bought for our mantle. (If we had a mantle...)
I was an Indian (inside joke as I am actually a "Status Indian" which is an official Indian in Canada...) The mask was not part of my costume. Haha

I had these plans to stock up for the holiday season but found I sold out of most of my "stock up" before Halloween even hit!! I have to re-stock up again. I do have 10 scarves made and ready to go...Like this one I listed today.I am sure they will go fast. The reason I listed this one first is that I really wanted to keep it for myself and my willpower is WEAK. I will make myself one at some later date...

So I am officially not accepting any more custom orders, because I am too busy. How freaking cool is that??? :-D

So from now on its on. Christmas hardcore. Its funny, I don't even care about Christmas! I mean, I like eating good food and giving and getting gifts and seeing my family, but Etsy has put a new focus on Christmas. I bet by the time it arrives I will hate it. :-)

So, how many days until next Halloween??