Friday, November 2, 2007

Jingle Bells...

I am fully switched into Holiday mode now.

Halloween flew by the fastest I can ever remember. The party, the candy *groan* and the crow candle holders we bought for our mantle. (If we had a mantle...)
I was an Indian (inside joke as I am actually a "Status Indian" which is an official Indian in Canada...) The mask was not part of my costume. Haha

I had these plans to stock up for the holiday season but found I sold out of most of my "stock up" before Halloween even hit!! I have to re-stock up again. I do have 10 scarves made and ready to go...Like this one I listed today.I am sure they will go fast. The reason I listed this one first is that I really wanted to keep it for myself and my willpower is WEAK. I will make myself one at some later date...

So I am officially not accepting any more custom orders, because I am too busy. How freaking cool is that??? :-D

So from now on its on. Christmas hardcore. Its funny, I don't even care about Christmas! I mean, I like eating good food and giving and getting gifts and seeing my family, but Etsy has put a new focus on Christmas. I bet by the time it arrives I will hate it. :-)

So, how many days until next Halloween??


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Yay!!! I need to buy some of your buttons and things for gifts for friends :) Everyone loves your stuff especially those pillow cases I bought from you. I still have to send you a picture. :)

  2. Those scarves are awesome! Some day I want you to draw my rattie for me <3