Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yeah, its another "cakie"

700 sales in my Etsy shop!

Even though it had been agreed that there doesn't HAVE to be a cookie for ever hundred sales, I got one as a surprise... Yay! I wonder why the person who piped it put the 700 so high on the cookie? I mean, thats just bad cookie craftsmanship.

I am working on a little project to be laminated tomorrow. Yay for lamination!What is this creepy girl up to?

Inked....Hmm, what could it be???

I spent most of the day fighting with BOTH my printers which ganged up on me and clogged on the SAME DAY. A microscopic flake of ink kills an entire day of work. So I basically want to smash everything in the world to dust right about now. Especially this guy...How can a small cat be so annoying?? Let me translate what he says to me all day. "Mom!mom! mom!moooom! mom!MOM! MOM! MOM!" GAWD, child! Get a hobby! Being a person who works in a studio all day and having a cat that hates when I work in the studio is not a good combo. Look at that face. Imagine that staring at you from a dim hallway like 12 hours a day. Its creeepy.

Yeah, so I am thinking of getting another cat. Think they would gang up on me like the printers did?

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Toy!

Now...What else can I laminate?A laminating machine is fun, even if you are not in kindergarden.

I have a bunch of ideas of things to laminate, and I guess I will have to get moving on them so I can Hurry up an play with my new machine!

The above photo is a set of five bookmarks that I am going to be adding to the shop shortly. There are five different "Batcats and Books" themed illustrations. The paintings were super tiny! They were all about 3 or 4 inches tall in real life. I did them all on one big piece of illustration board for some reason and it was a pain in the bum.

I am going to make myself a fake ID now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you read any other Crafty blogs? I do, I read tons and tons. Do you know what most of them are missing? BALLS.

Not that I think this blog actually has this. I admit it doesn't. Since I change to Blogger its been a little "sugar and spice and everything nice." I am working on that. Trying to change back to my earlier Xanga writing self.

Oh yeah the balls....Crafty blogs are a sea of cutesy, sugar topped, sweeties and sugars and lovlies and snugglies. Which has its place, but I feel like everyone is channeling one personality. This personality is this perfect Indie craft girl, who sews owls and bakes banana bread and collects vintage tea towels or whatever. But thats only part of a person. What about your bad days, things that annoy you, stuff that embarrassed you, parties with friends that weren't tea parties, days when you wore jeans!

So props to those girls out there who have regular days and spill coffee on their shirts and get annoyed by people at the mall. I think you are awesome if you write about that between posts about the fantastic things you make. I love that.

Why did I think of this? Because I just wrote the post below this one on Facebook and almost censored myself from putting it on my blog. What a wuss! :-P

Gentle reminder to the idiots of the world.

Hey everyone. I am here to remind you to pay your bills and not be a total waste of space loser.

Maybe you aren't aware, but when you owe a lot of money and aren't paying it back, then the collections companies come looking for you. Yes, you have to pay that money BACK! And since you lived/living in MY building, the collections people come to me.

Why do YOUR collections people come to me? Because I am NOT a waste of space and have a listed phone number that shows I live in your building. Which would be fine if you didn't exist! They call 15 times a day and leave annoying messages and you can't call them back. They think YOU live here and don't care that my name is on the answering machine.

So because of all these annoying people I end up accidentally screening my own mom. You heartless losers!

Because of YOU I want to cancel my phone. Its useless. I pay money to have people hound me.

Thanks a lot.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

back on track

Ok, so getting a new computer is awesome, amazing and fun...


My Photoshop was a seriously OLD version, which worked fine for me on my older computer. I use Photoshop every single day for my Etsy shop, its half the reason I wanted a fast and new computer. So when I learned my new iMac was "too awesome" to run my old Photoshop, everything was messed up!
See that? What a messsss. It wouldn't be so bad but with all the things I print and scan and upload and download and yadda yadda, it was back and forth with a little memory stick and emailing myself and nonsense. But now its all fixed and I am letting my little iMac retire. Its years of fantastic service basically makes me a Mac Geek for life. Not that I wasn't already on the road there, but I think once you "feel sad" for an old computer when you get a new one, you get a membership card.

Oh, and I am sewing a bunch of stuff. And every time I get these lofty ideas about sewing up little materpeices, I get halfway through and go "Ugh, what have I got myself into!!!" At least I finished up a custom order before hitting that wall...
This is a portfolio, like a big pouch without a zipper. Its about 16 inches wide. Photographing corduroy (which I use a lot of) is such a nightmare! Its like a void of light, you can't make out any detail and I end up trying to digitally lighten the images and they end up all washed out. But at least it looks better than the photo when its delivered to the buyer.

Lastly, here is a little sneak peek of an experiment I am trying. Little cameo style images on cotton. They are so cute, but I wish they could sew themselves onto their own projects. Some will end up in the shop, some won't. Thats what experiments are for...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Too much STUFF.

I am a sucker for the whole "New Year" thing. I make a million resolutions to myself and get all excited to get working on new things and make my fame and fortune...

But, like everyone, I get distracted. Especially when the distraction is THIS:
Upgrading from an old iMac to the new hotness that is 24 inch screen is a timekiller. I just want to PLAY on it. Its so fast and shiny and quiet.

I feel so sad for my old iMac. There is nothing wrong with it, it never failed me, never had any problems except the rapid aging that computers can't avoid. *sniff* Poor old thing.

I will kill the sadness by making video's with iMovie and posting them to YouTube. Check out my jerk cat. (Aww, actually he is a big wussy, the video just makes him look bad.)

At least before I got the new computer I managed to get a new pin set together. Its a valentine for vampires...
The set was designed to *maybe* be split up between two people. (Or maybe just one of the bloody hearts can go to a special dude...) The backing card is my favorite one ever. I wonder who lost that bone?

One of my resolutions is to update this blog more frequently, and I have some ideas in the works to make that more fun. I am going to introduce a co-author (or two. Or MORE!) soon, which will help me spread the sweet punk and fuzzy goth to the masses more effectively. Stay tuned!