Thursday, January 17, 2008

back on track

Ok, so getting a new computer is awesome, amazing and fun...


My Photoshop was a seriously OLD version, which worked fine for me on my older computer. I use Photoshop every single day for my Etsy shop, its half the reason I wanted a fast and new computer. So when I learned my new iMac was "too awesome" to run my old Photoshop, everything was messed up!
See that? What a messsss. It wouldn't be so bad but with all the things I print and scan and upload and download and yadda yadda, it was back and forth with a little memory stick and emailing myself and nonsense. But now its all fixed and I am letting my little iMac retire. Its years of fantastic service basically makes me a Mac Geek for life. Not that I wasn't already on the road there, but I think once you "feel sad" for an old computer when you get a new one, you get a membership card.

Oh, and I am sewing a bunch of stuff. And every time I get these lofty ideas about sewing up little materpeices, I get halfway through and go "Ugh, what have I got myself into!!!" At least I finished up a custom order before hitting that wall...
This is a portfolio, like a big pouch without a zipper. Its about 16 inches wide. Photographing corduroy (which I use a lot of) is such a nightmare! Its like a void of light, you can't make out any detail and I end up trying to digitally lighten the images and they end up all washed out. But at least it looks better than the photo when its delivered to the buyer.

Lastly, here is a little sneak peek of an experiment I am trying. Little cameo style images on cotton. They are so cute, but I wish they could sew themselves onto their own projects. Some will end up in the shop, some won't. Thats what experiments are for...

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I too heart Mac for evers ;3

    The last photo is cute, I was hoping they were new stickers! :D