Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you read any other Crafty blogs? I do, I read tons and tons. Do you know what most of them are missing? BALLS.

Not that I think this blog actually has this. I admit it doesn't. Since I change to Blogger its been a little "sugar and spice and everything nice." I am working on that. Trying to change back to my earlier Xanga writing self.

Oh yeah the balls....Crafty blogs are a sea of cutesy, sugar topped, sweeties and sugars and lovlies and snugglies. Which has its place, but I feel like everyone is channeling one personality. This personality is this perfect Indie craft girl, who sews owls and bakes banana bread and collects vintage tea towels or whatever. But thats only part of a person. What about your bad days, things that annoy you, stuff that embarrassed you, parties with friends that weren't tea parties, days when you wore jeans!

So props to those girls out there who have regular days and spill coffee on their shirts and get annoyed by people at the mall. I think you are awesome if you write about that between posts about the fantastic things you make. I love that.

Why did I think of this? Because I just wrote the post below this one on Facebook and almost censored myself from putting it on my blog. What a wuss! :-P


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    way to be ballsy! i know what you mean about the crafty blogs. while i love reading them too, most bloggers don't like to share their bad days. i'm guilty too.
    but it does humanize you when you share your peeves and i think your humour is awesome!

    thanks for sharing. sorry to hear about your collection agency woes.

  2. No way Cathy, your blog is well rounded. I think you do a great job of balancing work and life in your posts. And you don't baby talk your audience. :-)

    My mom thinks I am funny. Thats all that matters right?

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Dammit, from now on instead of blocking out my urge to post something, I will just post it! Then I will just have to fight the urge to delete it. Although I think it will still be readable via RSS. Who knows.

    Hi, I just found you through Etsy. Your work is bad ass, so I'm adding your blog to my feeds. :)

  4. Oh, how I can relate to this post! So true of me and so true of the other blogs that I frequent! If I wrote on my blog how talk, I could possibly have no readership at all. I'm not sure I have one now (since I'm not much of a writer and find "spilling my guts" an uneasy task). Anyway, love this post and hope to start "spilling my guts" and layin' it all out on the line!

  5. Anonymous2:29 AM

    As much as I love to read my fav craft/art blogs, I gotta agree with you sentiments here... I've found quite a blogs, seem written by the same crew, that I swear have just left some beautiful pink teaparty.

  6. I am glad there are other people out here that feel the same way as I do. Makes me feel a bit stronger in my conviction.

    :-) Thanks guys!

  7. Wow -- you're right on the money. Even so-called art as opposed to craft blogs have this problem. And I'm guilty of doing the same except I try and cover my bad days with irony instead of sugar'n'spice (we all have our crutches).

  8. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean.
    I'm not a blogger myself but I do read quite a few of the crafty blogs.
    This is one of the reasons I've stopped reading many of them.
    It feels like they're stuck in a 'girlish' maelstrom. ^~^
    Thankfully there are bloggers like you. ^.^


  9. Hey, Tara! Thanks for writing this blog post. I've actually had several conversations about this very topic with my boyfriend. I often wonder how it's possible for so many crafty bloggers to not have off days and to whine and complain about bad craft show experiences or whatever. I, too, censor myself but more often than not, tend to back away from the computer if i'm feeling heated. Anyway, awesome post, and your stuff is looking great!

  10. Hi Tara:

    It's nice to come across a blog where you write whatever you want and have the guts to admit you're having a bad day. I guess it all comes down to what you're selling as a crafter. I think some of them are selling an idealistic world where everything is good and cheerful. Sometimes, it's almost like they're crazy and in another little world of their own, have you noticed? For me, I never know who's reading my blog so I have to be careful that I don't rant about anything carelessly. I suppose it's the difference between complaining and accusing and just admitting to having a bad day.

    I hope your day goes well. I love your stuff :)

  11. you are so on spot with this one. i'm pretty guilty of it, though. for a good year, probably, i only posted art and that was it. sometimes, your personality just seeps into your blog entries and it makes the reading so much more interesting. :)