Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I think its going to snow...

Ugh. I forgot what it was like to be cold.

But it does help get me in the mood for winter things. Like listing this little dude!
Haha! Is he an evil elf? Or a good elf? Who cares. The hat says evil but the scarf says not evil. I never want to sell these little critters, but if I kept them all I would have to eat them so its not a very good option. Haha.

I am working on Holiday cards and have stockings to list and more more more stuff. You would think I am a Christmas nut or something. I *thought* I wasn't...Am I?

And with all this self imposed rush-rush, my little cat dude has become increasingly naughty ,loud and demanding. He hates his food, he hates his bed and he hates me for not spending enough time looking at his cat-face. So annoying!! He sounds like a lost sheep, bleating and bleating all day.

You think I could get a picture of him being bad??? NO, of course not. My "little cat" knows when I am trying to catch him being bad to prove he is the baddest cat in history. He is too smart for that.
He just curls his enormous body into his beer box (where it came from we have no idea) and refuses to perform his devil deeds on film. ARGH.


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    omg.. Stockings?! I totally can't wait to see those. Get them up woman!
    And that elf cat - he's really awesome! Love him!
    Last... Rocko. That first pic put a HUGE smile on my face. So much in fact, I made him my windows desktop background, just so I can look at him all day :) He's bad? I DOUBT it! ;)
    (ok, in reality I know he's a monster, but.. awwww!!)

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Holiday cards, yay!

    I got my order yesterday, thank you :3 I love everything.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    the elf cat is great! i love the red colour you chose for him! and i bet your stockings are awesome... may have to get one for myself as i don't have one :)

    rocko sounds a lot like dex. dex meows his head off too throughout the day. maybe boy cats are more vocal? i dunno, i just wish i knew what he was saying most of the time. that or for him to be quiet :)

    rocko sure looks like a sweetheart in those pics!

  4. You guys are all suckers for this little dude. He would so rule over you with an iron fist.