Friday, July 25, 2008

Yep. That confirms it. I am a dork.

If you need proof...
The Batman

I have proposed to a few things on the internet. But this time I mean it. Batman, I heart you.

(Oh, and could you marry both me and my boyfriend? Cause he wants to marry you too. He can do the dishes while we drive the Batmobile and grit our teeth.)


In real life, a cool little thing has occured!
The Sampler!
Kittycrossbones and myself worked together to submit to The Sampler. I did the artwork and she did the printing, a bit of design work and assembly (not to mention submitting and mailing PHEW). I think it came out super cute. We officially are awesome.

My arms are dye stained to the elbows from re-pinkening my hair, but I don't care cause its Friday, and I have a big bat signal shaped peanut butter cup to chow on. :-)


  1. You are so not a dork… well if you are then I am too! Okay- I may not want to marry batman but it sure would be cool to have him in my life!
    I love the cute pins you guys made.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    We all have our crushes... Ok, I´m not into batman, but give me a vampire any day! I know, there are a few things to work through (I´m a vegan, I´m extremely tired at night (9 pm is late!), I love garlic... But anything for love, right?