Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its ready!!

I heart my colouring book!

I think it came out really well. It was fun to do too. I might have to start a second book right away!

Its a little 10 page black and white book, with a glossy cover. Each little book was hand assembled, has an original little Batcat doodle, signature and number. So each little kiddie, or big kiddie feels like they have something super special.

If I never sell one, I don't even care, because I am think they came out so sweet. (Ok, I would still like to sell some. haha!)

There was some discussion on whether I should use the US or the Canadian spelling of 'colour', especially since it was definitely for children, and almost all my audience is in the states. But when it comes down to it, I am a Canadian, Batcat is a Canadian, and that is how we spell colour! :-) I think the world will survive my choice.

P.S. Do you like Batcat's new buddy? He is a cute little Rat, as Batcats only eat cakes and pastries, not rodents.


  1. omg... seriously? Could you have made anything cuter? I wish I had something like this when I was a kid... I was always stuck buying those corny ones at the craft store with big fairies and sunsets.

    Good luck with sales! :)

  2. Love the book, you are so clever! Yay for colour with a 'u', look, my spellchecker is underlining it in red and I know it's right!! Damn US spelling...

  3. I LOVE the colouring book!!
    I was actually thinking of making one of skeleton people and then I came across your blog and your book!
    Fantastic! If I had a little one I would certainly buy this for her!

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    OMG it's so cute I want to die! Die I say! Plus I'm a big rat fan <3 hehehe!