Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I swear he can say the word "mom."

Here is my day, morning and evening.


His isn't so much a cat, as he is some sort of constant eating-animal. I like to call this animal the fatty bear. Or possibly, the cat-loaf. He turns cat food into fur and pee. Loudly.

I am featured on my Street team's blog today! My street team is pretty active and has about one billion members. The Etsy Dark Side Street Team is all about making darker sellers more visible and giving them a community to chat to and network with. I just squeak under the door as "dark" enough. Hi street team people!

Maybe tomorrow I will make a comic about how my cat can only go to sleep if I build him a tent in the blankets. No really. Its freaking pathetic.


  1. Awww, Rocko's so cute! Congrats on the blog feature!

  2. Mister Cat has similar issues. I'm convinced she can meow out a "DARREN" when she's demanding food. Also, she is fat.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    "He turns cat food into fur and pee. Loudly."
    I think I just wet myself.

    Hurray for being featured! That rocks :D

  4. love this sketch!
    that comment (mentioned above) cracked me up too. dex makes a lot of noise too from time to time when relieving himself. that's funny that rocko's the same. at least dex is not alone :)