Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Lino Print

I finally got around to signing, numbering and packaging a lino print I did before Christmas!

Wild Child Lino print

These are very hand printed looking prints. Haha. They all have their quirks, but that is what makes printmaking charming right? The idea that each print is an original. I used water based ink, which dried too quickly for my slow and shaky printing skills. Its a limited edition of 12.

I already have a new lino block carved and waiting for printing! Just need supplies and I am ready to go nuts.

To mix it up a bit, I am working on a little Batcat project. Here is a little look at it I screen grabbed yesterday.

batcat thingy screen grab

Click here for the huge one... Its not a complicated little thing, its already printed and in "production" mode right now. Sometimes drawing Batcat is more relaxing than work. And this simple little shape might be used for a bunch of different items. He had a bit of tweaking after this screen grab...

I am doing pretty well on my resolutions too. I think eating healthier is much easier now that my Dude pointed out that watching the Food Network all day doesn't help my resolve. Back to crime and murder. Ha ha. I even *gasp* exercised. Plus I have some other original artwork photographed and ready to list. I might even touch outdoor air today. Maybe.


  1. Be careful with that whole Fresh Air thing, don't want to overdo things! :o)

  2. Definitely loving the hand printed look, gorgeous! px

  3. I love the print, foxes are fabulous :)