Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Original for sale.

Look! I am following though with my resolution to sell more original artwork!

Remember this?

Finished Art-Spoiled Fox

Now its for sale in my shop. *EDIT* Its now sold! :-)
I think its splattered edge is nice, but it might be a challenge to mat it. But that is what framers do right? (Not like I ever take anything to the framers.) I should just break down and buy a mat cutter. Yes.

So the Batcat project I sneak peeked yesterday is complete, BUT I am missing a crucial component to the photo shoot. ARG! Must wait another day, since I am hermiting due to crazy Canadian cold temperatures. *types with mitten on* I am a baby when it comes to cold. My friends make fun of me mercilessly.

Finally, the next thing I am working on is redoing this blog. I get so bored of it so fast. So new banner and colour scheme coming soon. Yay! Even my blog makes me cold, so I have to change it. heh heh....

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