Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a blog?

Five times this week I went "I am gonna post some crap today." But then I realized that this week my life is dull and it would make the world a duller place to pollute it with more dullness.

But I got over it.

Stuffy skeleton!

He is a cute one. His squashy face makes me like him.

With all the craziness about the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) in the States taking effect soon, and what it will mean for anyone who makes kids toys or products it seemed like a good time to get him out there before he is horribly illegal. Even though I don't specifically make kids items, things like this stuffed skeleton could be making his last appearance in my shop because he is perceived as a kids toy. Unless something changes, most people who make kids stuff won't be able to pay for the new testing they will be required to have.

The rest of the word can still snorgle him, but I sell most of my toys to Americans. So it won't really be worth my while to make them. aww. :-( There is a possibililty he could be considered an "art doll" but that will need more researching before I can be sure. The issue is a hot topic on Etsy and all over the place. The US crafty community is seriously kicking butt fighting this. Props to you.

*EDIT * Pretty much right after I posted this the deadline that you would have to start testing some kids products was suspended for one year! Way to make waves! :-)

So, I also listed two original artworks this week!
Postcard original painting matted.summer original painting
So proud of me. Ok, it wasn't actually difficult. Ha.

Oh and I just have to post this last little pic from last weekend. It makes me laugh whenever I look at it...
Hahaha. We are such idiots.
Before going out to the clubs we were playing on our webcams for way longer than we should have been. (Three computers, one studio? Dork party!) It deteriorated into gang signs and photobooth special effects. So fun. Look how cool we think we are.

Now off to make pad thai and try not to make a fool of myself on the internet. ;-)


  1. Ah, the darn CPSIA... causing so much trouble! I'll have to watch out too since I make some dolls.

    I love the new paintings listed and your gang sign picture. It's wonderful. I'm loving that hair colour of yours.

  2. love the photo of you and your peeps too! you should post more photos of yourself :)

    i think you can still make your toys as long as you clearly state that they are for adults. another etsy seller and blogger whom i follow posted about it on her blog... oh, i just went to find that entry but i think she changed it because the cpsia changed their minds.

    well, i hope you keep making your stuffed creatures :)

  3. Thanks for dork love guys!

    Yeah there is a supposed loophole about making art dolls/art plush, but people back and forth about how legit it is. I am sure it will become clearer (for better or worse) once it really starts being enforced...

    I am too high maintenance for jail anyway!

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Your left nostril looks weird in this pic. :)

  5. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Hi-larious picture and skelly though! :)

  6. Hey, Nathan has a natural smile creeping through his classic pose face.

  7. Wow, that really kind of sucks... glad I scooped one up just in case you stop making them. :)

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM

    i absolutely LOVE your blog... i can't get enough of it! =) and i'm completely in love with that little skeleton!!! thanks for the comment you left on mine a few weeks ago, it made my day!