Monday, October 12, 2009


I went to Montreal!
And ate poutine.

Won a trip to POP Montreal, a music festival all over the city. Went by train! I put some pics as a Flickr set.

Here is a quick description of the trip:
-So many screw ups by the newspaper we won the trip from, they sent us someone else's train ticket, then only sent one ticket instead of two! UGH.
-SO bloody cold.
-everyone was super nice, even when I was like "Pardon me?" when they spoke French to me. (I kept feeling so rude!)
-gorgeous architecture *whimpers*
-one billion new bands, one billion indie kids
-booze at supermarket and gas stations (so WEIRD!)
-should have brought a black towel for my hair (sorry hotel!)
-Want to go back.


  1. I love Montreal! Like going to France, but with a shorter trip! We can drive there in about 5 hours!

    What is "poutine"? I don't think I ever had it.

    I am surprised that your hair leeches color. What do you use to color it? I color my hair too, and that's never been a problem. Very spunky color and looks really good on you :-)

  2. Poutine is french fries with cheese curds and "sauce" which is basically gravy poured over the top. Although this one was vegetarian, so who knows what its made from...

    Its so messy and goooood.

    Yes,I use a few colours of manic panic. I had just dyed it before we left so it was still really saturated. So many other people pitch other hair dye brands but i can't buy any of them at my local drugstore so i stay lazy and use manic panic.

  3. "booze at supermarket and gas stations (so WEIRD!)"

    Really? That's the norm for our neck of the woods in Iowa. We got stuck in Pennsylvania once and the _only_ place you could buy alcohol was in the bar. They'd let you buy two 6 packs to take with you but you could only carry one out at a time. Now _that_ was weird. lol. And also part of the reason I hate Pennsylvania.

  4. In Ontario (in Canada) you can only get booze at the Liquor Store or The Beer Store or at a bar. No where else. I think we are special like that. Special as in "strange."

    It must be so weird to buy 6 packs from a bar!!

  5. oh, poutine! it's been so long since i've had that. it was a staple after a night of going out and drinking during my first year of university at queen's, though. so good but also so bad for ya :)

    glad you had a great time in montreal. it is a pretty cool city!

    didn't know you could buy beer from the supermarket and gas stations though.

  6. I love Montreal. I went for my honeymoon in July. I know what you mean about the French. I felt so rude not knowing the language.

  7. It looks like you guys had a great time! A train, I'm so jealous.
    We were in Montreal this past February and I instantly fell in love with it. I think I could easily live there. It's such a romantic city!

    PS: That poutine looks phenomenal. Did you get through the whole thing?

  8. While beautiful, I don't know if I could live there. I mean, not knowing French might be something that would make life a pain. And I am no not learning it now. I just forgot my 10 years of schooling!

    No, I didn't eat it all. But lets say I did.