Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok, important stuff first.
I made sweet lemon poppy seed cakes.
YUM. I used a recipe from The Martha Stewart Livings Cookbook: The Original Classicsbut no one tell Martha that I added poppy seeds to the cake. Like really, lemon cakes are supposed to have poppy seeds in the cake, not just on top. Really!

They are super good, with a blast of lemon syrup that is supposed to seep through the cake but just really stays on top just under the sugar drizzle. Trying hard not to just scarf down both cakes in one day.

Next sweet thing..
Two cat paintings
Two paintings that I have been slowly finishing for the last few days. I might have to do one hundred more of these, as there are so many cat faces that need representation. They are available in my Etsy shop.
Third super sweet thing is:

Won a trip to Montreal!
Going to Pop Montreal on a TRAIN. Can you tell what part I am excited about? Haha. I lived in a "train town" most of my life and never went on a train. It just sounds fun to me. I don't know any of the bands at this festival, but there are so many i am sure I will like some of them. Never been to Montreal before, it will be *so* interesting.
1500 sales at my Etsy!!!! SWEEEET.

Thanks to all my customers, you guys are big buckets of sweet sugar and stuff. Big thanks to Lynds the Crazy Cat Lady for the purchase that put me over the top. :-) YAY.

Oh yeah, and last sweet thing is that its getting colder and I can wear coats. YES. This is a big deal to me. Coat addiction activate! :-)


  1. oh, lemon poppyseed cake is the best! yum! i borrowed martha stewart's favourite cookies dvd from the library and will be watching and making some of those cookies in the near future, i'm sure.

    congrats on reaching 1500 sales and on winning that trip to montreal! matt was just there for a day and raved about the architecture in old montreal. i think you'll love it there.

    cute new kitty paintings! those eyes are hilarious :)

  2. Robyn9:13 PM

    Absolutely love coats too! :)

  3. That cake looks delish!

    I love your work - truly unique! My fave is still your Schipperke artwork. As a Schip owner (I have a puppy), I think it was bang on!

  4. Shouldn't post such delicious food---so close to gnawing on the screen.
    1500---That's bloody awesome! The world is a better place for having you and Batcat in it.
    My bag still goes with me everywhere. :)
    It'd be cool to see Batcat in a live 3D animation----Tim Burton's got nothing on you (although his work is pretty good).

    This is definitely a feel-good post.

  5. You make me want lemon poppy seed cake, and I'm not even a fan of cake. I shouldn't have read this before my first meal of the day. I literally want to make cakes now.

  6. Nice to have a good cake to look forward too, with some good coffee, in the so busy morning,
    My mom made sweet cakes and other bakery goodies, I remember photos of a choclate cake with a hawaiin doll on it when my parents went to Hawaiit, I was a brat of about 8 years old
    Still A fan of Sweet, spirit lifting, Bat Cat and always remain a fan thank you, Wish you had some stationary, since I love your artwork, and the cemetery bats you hand make