Monday, October 19, 2009



black sparkle in the studio

A little painting in the studio getting its final touches...Notice a similarity in someones hair colour? HEE HEEEE.

black sparkle 2

Black Sparkle.

This little painting has a hand painted frame too. It has been hanging around in my studio for months and months! So I thought I should actually get around to filling it. Adding the little black sparkle necklace and bow on top of the varnish was fun. I know the idea of adding sparkle to anything could make it a cheap piece of junk so it was a gamble...but I think it looks cute. Cute junk!

Its available in the shop right now...

Ok, now to clean up a billion tiny sparkle flecks from everything...


  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Wonderful, she's so colourful and perfectly beautiful!

  2. I like the sparkle idea and the pink hair =)

  3. Ooo! I love the sparkles!
    It's funny, she looks very similar to a friend of mine ;D