Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peek into Batcat land...

Here is a little project I am working on right now.

(My silk screening project has been put on hold. I made an image too big for any of my screens. DUH. I will have to buy new ones. The ruler is a very important tool i should pay more attention to. haha.)

Anyway, here is what I am doing instead. Dual Batcats!!

Pencil rouch for Batcat

This is one of them, the "nice" one. You can see how in depth some of my roughs are. *snicker* I had just started to ink it when I took a picture...

Inked Batcats

Here is the "bad" one. I have a plan that uses both of these as prints and also as a two part mystery object. Of course, it always depends on how they turn out. There are always a lot of happy accidents in my paintings.

So now to paint.


  1. it's great to see your process! do you paint directly over top all your pencil lines or do you erase first? i guess it's different with acrylics. with watercolour i can't be as free with my roughs, at least i haven't mastered how to be.

    the batcats look great so far!

  2. I erase the pencil lines, then sometimes wash the entire painting with a colour. Then I build from there. Thats why I am amazed at watercolour done really well, because it s so unforgiving!! You have to be so organized. haha.

  3. Those are great drawings! I'm looking forward to the finished pieces, but it's super cool to see your work in progress!

  4. Tara! I want to subscribe to your super blog but I don't know how to use this dang website. :P

    Where did you hide your subscribe button? Is there even an option? I'm still in LJ mode.

  5. Anonymous1:22 PM

    They look so cute already! One of these days when you aren't so busy we need to hammer out details for my awesome batcat pj's!! I fear they may make me look 12 but according to my pirate everything makes me look younger than I am.

  6. Anonymous3:12 PM

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