Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Took my sweet time...

Yeah, the finished "Sugar and Spice" and "Not Very Nice" paintings sat around for a while. (The ones from the previous post...)
Sugar and Spice
Not Very Nice

They are in the shop. I could have worked on them for weeks and weeks, with all their little critters and flowers and stuff. Everything always needs more highlights and lowlights and splatter. If I didn't stop myself I would ruin everything by overworking it until it was a mess.

I think they turned out cute. I have plans to make them into an object a little later on today...

But first I have to ride the streetcar (I heart the streetcars so much in the summer.) and buy fancy envelopes and art supplies. My silkscreen experiment failed miserably. I had bought a new big screen, but then my photo emulsion refused to harden after being exposed. Grrr. So I need to redo the whole thing again. I would LOVE to just pay someone to burn my screen for me, but I am cheap.

Ok, ok, enough procrastinating, its 1:44 in the afternoon and I am still wearing pyjamas...


  1. they turned out beautiful! i love how much detail you put into your paintings. knowing when to stop is tricky as one could really work on a painting forever.

    sorry to hear about your silkscreening disaster. hope the next time works for you :)

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    They look absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see what my finished painting looks like. :) I'm going to put it up in my shop!!!

  3. They're gorgeous! Great work, Tara!!!

  4. I -LOVE- these paintings! Your attention to detail is admirable... I don't know if I've ever had that much patience with painting.

  5. They turned out great!!!!