Monday, July 26, 2010

Its ok.

That is it. I am declaring it.

Blogs are for interesting people, and when you aren't doing anything interesting, they feel like a lead weight. 

I am not quitting blogging, or anything drastic like that. Just putting it out there that times come and go where I am bored and bored people are boring. Bored yet?

I think I need to try something new with this blog, because its a dull advertisement space for my Etsy shops, which I also find incredibly dull these days. I don't produce any design or product when I am bored.

So there it is. I am bored of me. At least this me. Just part of the insane freakout that is my rapid aging.

At least it made me make this graphic....
Stay tuned. Or whatever.


  1. Maybe you could start blogging about other artists you like and stuff that inspires you in addition to your own work? It's what I do- it makes blogging more fun for me- and hopefully for my readers as well. I doubt I'd have as many readers if I only posted my own work/life/stuff. I doubt I'd still be blogging as well :P
    It's very interesting to see what inspires artists. I love your work as well, so it would be cool to see what sort of art/illustration/whatever you like.

  2. So, raise your boredom to the level of art, wallow in it and tell us all about it! It's universal so you may find your boredom really interests other people ;o)

  3. i don't find you boring at all :) but i know what you mean about blogging.
    love the poster/graphic you made. maybe start doing text things for your shops. or blog about other people/inspiration like eva said above.
    anywho, thanks for your sweet comment the other week.

  4. I think that a lot of people get bored of themselves. I hate my blog, I never write anything substantial or interesting. I find your blog fascinating though. :)