Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little rest

I have been on a little rest this week. I guess you can call it a vacation.


-Looking at stuff. Stuff I like.
-Alice in Wonderland (Seems wrong to punch a mom but I wanted to. SHUSH!)
-wasting time and  slowly running errands
-scouring Winners for purses (I found SO MANY I WANT!)
-buying anime that looks like its for 14 year old goth girls
-eating burritos and BBQ at hipster joints
-shopping for running shoes I might actually run in. (Maybe.)
-getting my health card updated and signing up to donate my tissue and organs to transplant patients and misc. SCIENCE research.
-visiting asian supermarkets (LOVE.)
-being out of my studio for a change

The weather has been crazy nice for this time of year. Perfect to recharge my batteries.