Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have the touch. Of death.

My baby is sick!

(Ok, more accurately, my baby is DEAD. Hows that for overdramatic. DEAD BABY!!)

So life has been a freaking bowl full of cherries for me lately. 

1. Jury Duty. Yes, it actually happens in real life. I had to waste a week of my time sitting around waiting to be chosen for a jury. In no way do I think being on a jury is a waste of time. If I was chosen I would take it very seriously. BUT I wouldn't be chosen. I have pink hair, am hard to pin down on what my opinions would be by what I look like or what my job is, and I am self employed and wouldn't get paid while the trial was on.  So I just sit in limbo for a week. P.S. The Toronto courthouse is kind of a dump.

2. Hard drive on netbook died. It just gave it up and is basically a super expensive trivet now. I was using it, I killed it. I blame Twitter. it was also just a baby, like 6 months old or something.

3. My iMac DIES!!!!!!!
Nothing could revive it. Eventually had to go to the Apple store for some nerd love. Hard drive is being replaced as I write this. At considerable cost. CONSIDERABLE.
So two hard drive failures in three days? Awesome luck all around. Thankfully, I have *most* of my stuff backed up on an external drive, but I did loose tons of photos, my itunes library, email archives, and an awesome vector project that I had worked on for days and days. Probably other stuff but I don't even want to think about it...

So basically if anything else goes wrong at all, ANYTHING at all, I am basically going to go nuclear and destroy the earth.

Both my Etsy shops are closed until my iMac comes home with its organ transplant, and I reinstall everything and all that nonsense. 

Sad Mac. :-(


  1. Awwwwww you have had a Bad 3 days. I am so sorry. And yes Pink gets u limbo land in jury. It does in the US also.

    I hope the rest of the year is BETTER..because thats is alot in one week.


  2. Ooo-uuu, been there with the Mac malady, not funny at all. It's gotta get better from here on in :o)

  3. Hang in there!!! At least all is not lost.
    Sucks when everything happens at once!
    Do something fun for your self...

  4. Don´t worry it´s going to get better from here on.