Thursday, February 4, 2010

Invisible threads

Here are some photos of one of the projects I have been working on lately...

heart mobile 2

Mobile with black sparkle hearts.

I have never had so much trouble photographing something. EVER! I mean, its made from INVISIBLE THREAD. And black sparkles are no picnic to photo either. Plus it spins and sways constantly. YEESH. Even though its terrible to capture, I am actually quite happy with it.  I have a mobile hanging in my kitchen (Its bats, from a Martha Stewart halloween project pattern) and I love it...

heart mobile 1

I haven't listed this in my Etsy shop yet, as I think it needs a new photo session, and I may as well wait until some of the other mobiles I am currently finishing up are ready to be photographed. 

There are sparkles on EVERYTHING!!