Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few new things

I have listed a few new items today!

church lady cat 2

I struggled with deciding which of my Etsy shops she should be listed in. She is definitely sugary sweet and an animal (blackforestcake?) but she also is similar to cats I have sold in the past (blacklilypie?) I suppose it doesn't really matter.

I also listed a weird little rabbit...

creepy rabbit

The little circles of grey behind his eyes instantly turn him from "cute rabbit" to "Tim Burton inspired creepy rabbit." Haha. Such a small thing. They give him sort of a skull like face. He is a test of a new pattern, really. I haven't decided if I will be making more of his type of doll yet...Probably!

I also added this:

cat chalk board closeup

This item has been hanging out in my studio for QUITE some time. I finally decided to make a "Scratch and Dent" section at blackforestcake, for projects with more quirks than others. This blackboard has some scratches on it from my first chalking attempt. (See them?) But thats ok, its still cute and works great!

I am already working on a new tiny fox plush, and have a little glittery fox mobile to Photoshop and list. It must be the Spring that is making me make animals like mad. :-)


  1. You reincarnate some of the most interesting creatures with such personality! The chalk was great too and amazing for a first. Is there anything you can't do? I think NOT!

  2. The lady cat is soo cute and that orange fox is amazing!!

  3. The lady cat and burton bunny are adorable. Have a great week.