Monday, March 23, 2009


Its so sunny and bright outside and little squirrels and birdies are squeaking to each other outside my window. So cheery!

So of course the item I made is the complete opposite. Bloooood! Ok, its only a teeny, tiny drip of blood. Hardly even visible unless you look.
blood drip bookmark

This bookmark is possibly the MOST annoying item I have ever produced for my shop.

I fought tooth and nail to make these. My laminator ate some, and the rest were plagued with fuzzies and lumps and bumps. I have a HUGE stack of them that are unsellable. Depending on how long my memories of the rage that I felt trying to make these things, they might not ever be made again.
The junk.The success.
After these photos were taken I tried to make more and failed miserably again! The failure pile is a mile high! Plus I look like a dork.

I will definitely use the bookmark image for something else though. I have plans for it.

Its a productive day, with grocery shopping, photographing new items, laser printing (new printer!) and buying Nine Inch Nails tickets for June. I am working on stationary sets this afternoon, so hopefully they will be available some time this week. Should probably keep moving before my Monday-steam runs out....


  1. i totally know how frustrating it is when new products don't quite work out. and i don't know how many bookmarks i've made that got some little cat hair or lint piece stuck in them. grr!
    the new bookmark looks great though.
    and i'm itching to get a laser printer too.

    well, good luck with the stationery sets!

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I do bookmarks (kind of like that) too. What i use are trading card sleeves. The thick ones that are top slot. I slip the images in then hole punch the top of the sleeve to make the tassels.

    Lucky you get to go a to a show. None of the bands I like ever play Hawaii. Tool was here about 5 years ago but that is only one ive ever seen come near here.
    Paradise, right? (rolls her eyes)

  3. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Can't wait for June. :)

  4. They're seriously cool with a nice elegance - sorry that they're being brats!!!

  5. Ohh, Those bookmarks are wicked! You can't see any mistakes on the second photo, but I can definitely see the frustration on your face..