Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Batcat Birthday.

I made a card.

batcat birthday card 1

Batcat birthday card! I used to have another Batcat design in my shop but it wasn't vibrant enough for me. So this is the re-do. I wanted to do a card that also had a an interior image too...

batcat birthday card 2

I added a little space to write your b-day message inside.

I think its a bit funny that I did a birthday card, since I don't even really like birthdays. I totally get kids birthdays, and the big ones like 30 or 40 or 100. But I could cut the rest and be fine with it. Sometimes I think being one of the people who doesn't particularly like birthdays sets off peoples "lets buy a cake!" alarms. SIGH.

For years now I have been trying to care about other people's birthdays, because I know everyone isn't like me but I really suck at it. Sorry everyone! There is always next year for me to do better. :-) When you are 100 I will get a skywriter or something insane to make up for it.

I have made one more card, but it might have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. I like this new card. It's cute.

  2. Oh, for a moment there, I thought it was Batcat's Birthday!

  3. the new card is hilarious! love that you included an illo on the inside too.

    i'm the same with being nosey and seeing what other people's home look like ;)

    i don't think it's bad at all. shows we've got enquiring minds :)

  4. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Love your stuff! Keep it up!!

  5. My neighbors teenage granddaughter is having her 13th birthday party today! That card would have made an awesome b-day card for her! I like that you have an image on the inside as well! Very clever.

  6. Anonymous11:00 AM

    The birthday card makes me think of this: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/nom-nom-nom.jpg

    I found ya here because I don't want to just randomly add you to facebook because that's creepy, but do you do tattoo design commissions at all?

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Kittens and dork parties? Do tell!
    Rocko has company?

  8. Sadly, I am just a new kitten auntie. Rocko will be so jealous.

    Dork parties? All my parties are dork parties.