Monday, March 30, 2009

cat-ish things...

I put two stationery sets in my shop today. I have been doing some gloomy or dark stuff lately, so I bet some people will be happy to see something fluffier for a change.

batcat zoom stationery

This batcat stationery is a modern makeover of one I designed in university. Batcat has gotten a 2009 update, but everything else is pretty much the same. I packaged them nice and small to make them easier to ship. (Easier means cheaper too!)

batcat zoom stationery

Not really all that proud of my photography on these babies, but what else is new. I guess I shouldn't publicly point out that they are photographed poorly. Forget I said anything. The overcast days make my photos so dreary. Which is fine when they are supposed to be dreary!

So now I am working on something new. Look at this bad boy!

Work in progress screenshot

Heee heee! My favorite part is the chewed ears! I might have to make that more of a feature.

This is just the first rough part of blocking in the shapes. He will have his fur and features tweaked soon enough...He is an Illustrator drawing, and I will show you the rest of him when the project comes together... P.S. Think I have enough icons in my dock??? Haha.

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