Saturday, September 22, 2007

In my studio...

sI do a lot of hopping around to other crafty blogs, and its not unusual for people to do "Here is my studio" posts. I find them super interesting, just like the work in progress post below this one, it feels like a little secret look into their head.

I can appreciate the magazine like tranquility of some of these studios, with their carefully folded vintage textiles and whitewashed wood furniture. I just don't understand how they can get any work done. My studio is packed with junk,items,things,objects and stuff. Its messy and has paint on a lot of it. I have cutting boards and brushes and books and paper. AND I don't want to hide any of it, because thats the point of a studio. This is my sewing/shipping/computer/paper area. My sewing machine is a Singer from 1970, and its awesome. I covered its table in stickers to show my appreciation. See what I mean about stuff? There is a lot on that shelf. This is where I keep books and supplies and packing supplies,button machine,silkscreens. Life would be so much easier if I only made one type of thing. Across the room are my work tables. One side is paint and one is general work space. Above are shelves packed with supplies and pins and frames. On the right is my dudes computer, squeezed in and covered with his own things. Yes, I have a TV in my studio, which no one seems to want to admit to. I listen to the food network. I don't really cook.

Its kind of a dark little studio, it has a window and door to outside, but they don't do that much for light. But I make do. I live in a super old building that is a weird shape has handmade closets that don't fit hangers, and only a few electrical outlets (in the closets?!) I counteracted the quirkiness by painting it purple and pink and black apple red.

I have a little helper too....He hates the studio and meows just outside the door all the time trying to call me out into the rooms he would rather be in. Sometimes he gives in an hangs out with me, but is only comfortable if he is the center of attention.

Its not my dream studio by any means, but it works pretty well. And by the time I post these pictures, it will be back to its normal messy self.


  1. your studio looks awesome. i love the way it reflects your blog and art! and i totally relate to working in a space that is in working order.

  2. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Your studio is beautiful, Tara, & by the looks of it, it's bigger than my bedroom. ;)

  3. :-) thanks both of you!

    femputer: It *does* match doesn't it. haha

    robyn: I think the high ceilings really helps it feel and look big. (Oh, and its bigger then my bedroom too!)

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Your studio is incredible! Very spacy ! O_O
    My working place is my kitchen with my desk. ^^;;
    Love the Batcat poster. ^-^

    Nadia, Stockholm

    PS. I like the clothes you wore in previous posts. Your sense of style is a lot like mine..hehe

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    very cool look into your studio! i love sneak peeks. thanks for sharing with us :)

    i like your previous post too, with your portrait process. it turned out awesome!