Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The dead rise and review...

Oh no! I think its alive! I think its coming this way. I think its wearing a band t-shirt?!
A zombie lives with me, and periodically rises from the grave to give you...

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts

"Ghosts" is a sprawling instrumental double album, an extended experiment in mood and texture. Most of the tracks (there are no traditional 'songs') tend to be a good deal less abrasive than the bulk of the Nine Inch Nails discography and wouldn't be out of place on an Aphex Twin or Brian Eno album. While well-executed, "Ghosts" is less interesting to me as a piece of music and much more interesting as a ground-breaking example of the potential next wave of music distribution. Trent Reznor self-released the album March 2nd without any prior advertisement through his own website and on Amazon as a digital download ($5 for the full album). In addition to offering a number of "real" CD options involving various types of fancy packaging, he also simultaneously made the first 9 tracks available as a free download on The Pirate Bay - take that, recording industry. This is not music for everyone, but it just may represent how we'll be getting our music in the near future.
-N. Zombie

N. Zombie will be reviewing only zombie approved awesome albums weekly, to brighten your dreary existence. Or the opposite. Or whatever. :-)

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