Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let me be truthful.

I totally scrapped my silkscreen!!!! It sucked, it was making me insane, and it was super obvious I made my image too large. I can admit defeat. I restarted on a new little screen, and I know that will make my life less full of rage.

NOW. The weekend!

I traveled "home" for the weekend to see some of my friends wedding. I had an important delivery to make. The cake topper!!

The bride and groom were looking for a topper that was close to their hearts, and they are both huge rat lovers. So plans were made and I got started.
Wedding topper progress
I actually made a little pink prototype first, to make myself a paper pattern. Then I made the white one shown here after learning from the mistakes. I had to back the wool felt with interfacing so it would stand up to being turned and stuffed.
Voodoo dolls.

Once I had both made I worked on posing them.

Finished Cake Topper

Then I made a base and attached them and their little tails. The most fun part was making the teeny tiny bouquet and other stuff.

Cake topper!

And here they are on the cake! I had no idea what the cake was going to look like or how big it was or anything. I think it worked out great.

Couple and Cake

Here is the happy couple with the cake. I didn't get any fantastic pics of them with the cake, but I am not worried as there were about 200 digital cameras at this wedding and I am sure lots of great photos exist.

The bride gave me a super sweet and totally embarrassing shout out in her thank you speech, which was perfect. How many people get their website pimped out over a loudspeaker?

The girls.

Here is me and the girls in the bathroom. I am going to pretend that tilt is intentional, and we hadn't drank for 10 hours. :-)

As if all the whole wedding thing wasn't ENOUGH, it was also Mothers day PLUS my dude's birthday! Fit all that into a weekend.

One of those cake pictures moms take

So we squeezed in a night of drinks and videogames until 4am. Ill advised before a wedding, but totally necessary.

Night before wedding

So thats it. So much squeezed into three days, on basically no sleep. I am getting too old for this. ;-)


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Woo! :)

  2. that wedding topper turned out awesome! looks like it was a fun wedding. love your outfit :)

    you certainly had a busy weekend! i'm much too old for those late party nights now :)

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Sounds wonderful! That's the cutest cake topper. I'm so anxious to get my cards... I'm still waiting for them I know I probably won't get them until next week. Can't wait!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Nathan!

  4. Those rats are soooo cute. I love the bride rat's little pink cheeks. You do such great work!!!

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I honestly think the cake topper was one of the highlights of the wedding. There are a gazillion pictures of them and now my obsession with rats is no longer a secret. And I totally had to pimp out your site - I mean we had 200 people in the room being forced to listen to me ramble. It was the least I could do.