Friday, September 12, 2008


(I almost wrote "BB bats" then was shocked with a memory of the old school candy I had forgotten existed...)

A batch of baby bats is trickling into my shop...

Cream and gray baby bat

Orange.  Super orange!

I usually don't like orange. I got this wool to make a fox, and I still might make one, but it just seemed too perfect for some Halloweeny bats! I have three other bats that need to be photographed, but its too late and dreary (and freaking FRIDAY) for me to do that. ;-)

My dude (N. Zombie, my music reviewer) just got some awesome work news, so there will be no more work tonight. But there will be blueberry cheesecake. I guess its "work" to fight the urge to smash my face in it like a pie eating contest. Yum.

Only 48 days till Halloween, still no costume! Tonight I shall decide. I just ...decided.


  1. Oh these are darling!
    LOVE them.

  2. Anonymous6:30 AM

    So adorable! I'm not a fan of orange either, but it is seen as a halloween colour. I particularly love the cream and grey one.