Thursday, September 18, 2008

Narrows eyes...

My banner is a charity case.

I made this little banner painting a month or two ago, and I hated it. It sat on my desk, taunting me with its crappiness all this time. So today I cut it up and took a pic of it on striped fabric and its my new banner. UNTIL I make a new one, which will be soon, because, it still annoys me. But I somehow feel better using it so its not a waste.

Make sense? :-) No. I know it doesn't.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    i like this banner! it looks really cool against the fabric.

  2. I love it! Purple, black, white, stripes, bat, bat cat, you, it's perfect!!!

  3. I think you can bring new life to it by scripting it in such a way that the speech balloons say something different each time at regular intervals.