Monday, February 23, 2009

More Winterwoods.

Little sketch...
winterwoods sketch

I swear he won't look like Zac Efron when its painted. (Ok, I hope!) And I took it on an angle to try and keep a bit of mystery, but I think it just added gigantism.

This is another drawing of The Winterwoods, a couple I did a print of before. I like the idea of people who might come back again and again. Or maybe I just like the idea that I get to draw their clothing. Ha. Plus I can make up more of a story for these people, and then ideas come to me more readily. I always enjoyed falling back on Batcat when I felt less than creative, and becaus it wasn't forced I made some good quality artwork. So I am trying to do it again with some new kids.

Its too cold in my studio for me to be too productive today. So I leave The Winterwoods in their sketch form, and get to the business of making myself a mini-apple crisp.


  1. The drawing is looking promising.

    How did the mini apple crisp turn out?

  2. The drawing is great but I'm also interested in the mini apple crisp, see you added mystery there too, as I don't know what one is, but now REALLY want one! :o)

  3. Mini apple crisp is just a one person version of the normal one. I made mine in a little pyrex bowl.

    One big apple cut up with a bit of lemon juice and water, brown sugar sprinkled on it, then the crisp topping (brown sugar, quick cook oats, cinnamon, flour and a bit of salt mixed with a bit of melted butter) bake in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. YUM. It was pretty good. And something about the single serving makes it feel more special.

  4. mmm, it's making me hungry now :)

    haha, the guy does sorta look like zac efron. come on now, just admit you have a crush on him :)


  5. Well, I do have a crush on his eyelashes. I wonder what mascara he uses? haha...