Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mini Trip

Zoomed home to my parents on the weekend. It was a crazy fast trip, there and back powered by ice cream, Tim Hortons and chocolate mini eggs.

road trip

Zip! I saw a moose but I was too slow.

Powerlines in Capreol

I spent my weekend lounging on the deck with my parents, soaking up that tiny sliver of time in Northern Ontario that you can be outside when its warm and the bugs are not biting you yet. I even ate a hamburger from the BBQ, which is the thing I pine for the most each summer. I don;t even care about meat at all, but the BBQ smell and the summer feeling just makes me so happy.

the new grass

Their lawn is a mass of these tiny flowers. They look so organized in batches of colours...Love them. I think everyone agreed it was a shame to mow them, so no one did.

So you can see that I obviously didn't get any work done.

I am continuing to work on my second Etsy shop items, I keep having to push back my shop opening date and its making me grumpy. But it will happen soon. I will finally commit to a day and start sneak peeking items. Just not today. :-)

Now if the delivery man would arrive with the supplies I ordered, I can get to printing cute creatures!


  1. i like your "almost picture of a moose". i think i have a few of them around somewhere! i just found your blog and i think you might like mine too. check it out when you have time

    hope you enjoy it.

  2. Hello! You have an award, please free to grab it at my blog

  3. omg where was this in northern ontario. the pictures of the forest just made me wanna cry with nostalgia!!!! i grew up in sudbury and waterloo/kitchener. living in florida and missing it SOOOOOO much.

    love you shop and blog! always a fan of lolita lovers :)