Friday, May 1, 2009

Working on something new...

Spiders like flowers.
Spiders and Flowers Progress

Can you tell what it will be?

I had this illustration board hanging around that is not the usual surface that I like to paint on. Its slick, and even has a bit of a shine. It seemed perfect for ink.

The surprising thing is that I actually did a pretty organized and complete sketch. I often just go "EH, I will figure it out as I go" and that is sometimes a horrible idea. I then decided to use an ink pen instead of the acrylic ink and brush I have been favoring lately.

Printed version of Spiders and Flowers

This is actually a test print of the drawing, after it was scanned and Photoshopped. I was going to add digital colour, but once it got to the completed ink stage, I just liked it as is. Its not a secret that I always like line art better then the coloured versions. I bet I had a lot of blank colouring books as a kid.

I am not even going to pretend that this is going to be finished before monday. Its the weekend! No one wants paper goods with Cheetos fingerprints on them. :-)


  1. this looks awesome! i love your line work... looks great in black and white. but i'm sure it would look just as good in colour.

    is it a calendar page of some sort?

    thanks for the compliment on my new prints.

  2. Actually, there is a underground HUGE market for Cheeto whiff artwork... Black and white ink work is stunning in it's simplicity, why not sell the print in both versions? bet they's both sell loads... then try the cheeto whiffy one too!

  3. Sorry I came across as drunk in charge of a keyboard then, but just tired ;)

  4. hmmmmmmm...i think you will like my blog! check it out at:


    lots more to come!